How Many Bundles Should You Get With A Closure?

If you are planning to pull off a perfect Sew-In Weave, this article is going to get you excited. Not a long ago, wigs and hair extensions used to be stigmatized for what it is. Those days are gone for good now as people are now more comfortable with fashion wigs and hair extensions.

Most women, particularly women from the black community tend to wear a wide range of hairstyles without having to spend a lot of time in the salon.

This recent phenomenon has taken the whole hair fashion to the next level. Things like wigs, hair bundles, lace frontal, and lace closures are now getting more and more popular every day.

This brings us to the next question—How many bundles should you get with a closure? Keep reading to ponder the ultimate question.

How Many Bundles Should You Get With A Closure?
How Many Bundles Should You Get With A Closure?

What is a Sew-In Weave?

Before we jump into the main topic, let’s discuss what the Sew-In Weave really means. When you decide to sew in your own wig with a human hair bundle that comes with multiple hair extensions and lace closure, we call it a Sew-In Weave.

There are two ways you can pull this off, you can either sew them in your natural hair braids most commonly cornrows, or you can use a wig cap to sew the bundles directly onto it.

Either way, you can customize your whole wig appearance and choose any parting style you have in mind.

The number of bundles should you get with a closure

Here comes the ultimate question— how many bundles do you need? There is no specific answer to this particular question as it may be subject to the weave you are intending to have.

There are other factors like length, texture, side of your head, and the type of parting you are planning to have. Let’s take a look at some of the deciding factors and find out how many bundles you should require to pull off a perfect Sew-In Weave.

Length of hair

If you are planning to have a 22-inch wig, 3 hair bundles along with a lace closure would be more than enough for you. However, if you think you still need more, you can always go for it as there are no particular rules for that.

The texture of your intended wig

The texture is very important depending on the kind of hairstyle you are planning to have. For instance, a bob style would usually require two bundles of hair along with a closure, but if you are planning to have an extremely thick bob, you must go for 3 bundles.

As for a shoulder-length bob or another long hairstyle, using 5 or more bundles is recommended.

Head size

Not everyone has the same head size and that also plays a deciding role here when you choose the number of hair bundles for your Sew-In Weave. This is totally up to you because if you have a larger head, try to be prepared with an extra hair bundle.


The lace closure has its limitations as it can only offer a limited parting option. However, lace frontal comes with more room for parting, and hence if you choose a lace frontal, you are expected to need fewer hair bundles. Based on our experience, you need 2-3 bundles if you choose a frontal, and more if you choose a lace closure.

Final Thoughts

Hope this answers all the questions you have in mind while deciding how many bundles you should get with a Human Hair closure. Just as you know, sometimes it’s not just the style but your own creativity that can also be decisive in a situation like this.