How Do You Spell Poo Poo?

How do you spell “caca-caca”?

pu pu meaning

  1. Poop Definition Poop is a childish word for poo or feces. …
  2. To defecate. …
  3. Poo poo is defined as the rejection of an idea or suggestion. …
  4. Excrement. …
  5. Excrement. …
  6. The act of defecating. …
  7. Minimize something or dismiss it as irrelevant. …
  8. (child) feces (feces)

How do you spell “poo-poo-poo-poo”?


What is good poop or poo?

is that the poop is boat poop, or the poop can be (often a child’s) excrement, or the poop can be a set of general data or information, written or spoken, usually related to a piece of equipment or a process, or poo can be a lazy person to be , and poop (family | often | child) poop excrement feces.

How do you spell “poo-poo-poo-poo”?


Do you say the word “poo-poo”?


What do you mean poop poop?

  1. Stool stool. 2. See feces. transitive verb or intransitive verb.

Is it poop or fluff?

Poohpooh (also called poopoo) is an informal fallacy in which an argument is dismissed as unworthy of serious consideration. Scholars typically characterize error as a rhetorical device in which the speaker ridicules an argument without addressing the substance of the argument.

How do you spell “poop-poop-head”?

Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like: a game of throwing feces at your friends. My pleasure. Just put a poop head on your friend’s head, throw these cute ones (and not real ones, before he gets rude) and see how many they can catch!

Is the stool the same as the stool?

Feces is a scientific terminology, while the term “faeces” is also widely used in a medical context. Outside of an academic context, these terms are less common, the most common term being poo (or poo in North American English).

How do you say poop?

The correct medical terms are feces (feces in the United States) or feces. Chair(s) is generally a term used by doctors. The medical term for going to the bathroom (toilet) is to defecate/poop (same thing, just a variant spelling) or defecate, or less formally “open the intestines”.

Why do we say “poop”?

One of them comes from the onomatopoeic interjection “pu”, which dates back to the 17th century, when it was more commonly written “was” or “was”, or as Fielding paraphrases this quote from Tom Jones: “Phu, she said you get up “. a man in a duel, that’s all.