How Do You Deploy A Lightning Page Assignment?

How do you prepare a Lightning Page Map?

Assign different Lightning Pages to specific profiles/apps

  1. Create different Flash pages for each object and assign them to specific profiles/applications.
  2. Create a new Lightning app.
  3. Click Customize | Application Manager | New Lightning app.
  4. enter name | Select logo | Click Next.

How to implement Lightning Home?

This page works like any other Gearset-provided metadata. Simply check the box next to the title, click NEXT, then DISTRIBUTE NOW. After the implementation is complete, the Lightning page will be available in the target org.

How do you set up a Lightning page of records in Salesforce?

Lightning Pages is a concept introduced by Salesforce that makes it easy to create and customize pages using drag and drop in Salesforce for Lightning Experience and Salesforce1.

Record pages :

  1. Set as default organization.
  2. Set as default app.
  3. Set as default app for post type and profile.

How do I assign a Lightning Page to my profile?

Switch to the Application, Post Type and Profile tab. Click Assign Apps, Record Types, and Profiles. Assign a sales app page, desktop and phone form factor, master record type, and system administrator profile. Check the page assignments.

How to implement Lightning App Builder?

Deploy a Lightning Web Part to Salesforce Using Changeset

  1. From the Settings menu, enter Output Changeset in the Quick Find box, and then select Output Changeset.
  2. In the list of change sets, click the name of the change set or create a new one.
  3. Click Add to add components.

How is a community site hosted?

To distribute these pages, add them as a Lightning page to your change set. When you select “New Page” in Community Builder after deployment, a new template page appears. Select it, rename the page and edit the details.

What can I add to a Lightning page using the Lightning App Builder?

Lightning Components

The Lightning component is a lightweight, customizable, and reusable element that can be added to a Lightning page in the Lightning App Builder. Lightning Pages supports the following components: Standard Components Standard components are Lightning components created by Salesforce.

What is the Lightning Entry Page in Salesforce?

A Lightning record page is a collection of multiple components on a single web page. By default, each entity (account, contact, opportunity, etc.) has its own unique record page that runs on the Salesforce platform, consisting of multiple Lightning Components that also run on the Salesforce platform. 03

How can I change the layout in Salesforce?

Go to >> Settings >> Object Manager >> Select Object >> Layout. Click the Edit button. Customize the fields on the post pages by dragging the required fields to the layout as shown in the image below. 04

How do I change the default home page in Salesforce?

In Salesforce Classic, select the default home dashboard.

  1. In the Control Panel section of the Home tab, click Customize Page.
  2. Select the dashboard as the default home page.
  3. Click Save.

How do I change the default app in Salesforce Lightning?

To set the Lightning app as the default app when users sign in:

  1. From the Settings menu, enter Profiles in the Quick Find field, then select Profiles.
  2. Select a profile and scroll down to the App User Settings section.
  3. Next to the Lightning app, select Default.
  4. Sign out and sign in again.

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