Don Everly Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Don Everly is an American country singer, best known as a member of the famous rock and roll duo The Everly Brothers. Along with his brother Phil, he has released numerous hits such as “Wake Up, Little Susie” and “Bye Bye Love.” Don is believed to have died on August 21, 2021 at the age of 84. Don Everly’s net worth at the time of his death is estimated to be around $20 million.

Full Name Don Everly
Birth Date February 1, 1937
Birth Place Brownie, Kentucky, U. S.
Profession Country and rock singer
Wife Adela Garza
Net Worth $20 million
Died August 21, 2021

Early life

Don Everly was born on February 1, 1937 in Brownie, Kentucky, in the United States. He was born to his parents Ike and Margaret Everly. His father, Ike Everly, was a miner. Don’s family lived in Brownie, Kentucky, but after the coal ran out, his family moved to Shenandoah, Iowa. In the new location, his father began broadcasting in the mid-1940s.

Don had a younger brother, Phil, who died in 2014. Don first sang for his father’s radio station, where he sang the title song. In 1953, Don moved to Knoxville, Tennessee with his brother Phil and his parents. There, he and his brother Phil began auditioning for many record labels as brothers.

Don Everly’s Net Worth and Career

The brothers discovered Nashville musician Chet Atkins and helped the duo promote their music. In 1956 they began to write and record their own music. The duo had their first hit titled “Bye Bye Love” in 1957, which became a number one song in the spring of 1957. They continued to impress with their music through other songs such as “Wake Up Little Susie”, “Problems” . and “All I have to do is dream.”

The duo signed with the major Warner Bros. Records in 1960. On this label, they recorded the song “Cathy’s Clown”, which became their best-selling song. They continued to post hits until 1962. Their last Top 10 hit was “It’s Old Fashioned”.

Don also served in the United States Marine Corps for two years on his 21st birthday. In the early 1960s he attempted suicide after becoming addicted to Ritalin. In 1972 he moved to Nashville where he studied cooking, photography and oenology. Right now, he has taken a break to release solo albums.

In the 1960s, the duo’s popularity in the United States began to wane. However, the brothers have spawned several hits in Canada and the UK. They also embarked on many highly successful tours in 1960. When the duo reached 1973, they officially disbanded. But they got back together in 1983 and played some hits until Phil’s death in 2014.

Don and Phil, known as the Everly Brothers, were ranked #1 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 20 Greatest Duos of All Time. Also, the duo was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the first class of 1986. In 2001 they were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Don Everly’s Personal Life

Don Everly has been married three times. In 1957 he married Mary Sue Ingram. His first marriage ended in divorce in 1961. He then shared marriage vows with Venetia Stevenson in 1962, which ended in divorce in 1970. In 1997 he married his third wife, Adele Garza.

Don had four children from his second marriage. One of his sons, Edan, followed in his father’s footsteps and became a songwriter. Also, his daughter Erin is a former model married to Guns N Roses frontman Axl Rose.

His family members confirmed Don’s death on August 21, 2021. He died at his home in Nashville. However, the true cause of his death is still unknown.

The Luck of Don Everly

Don Everly’s net worth was $20 million until his death on August 21, 2021. He pocketed a large sum from his incredible journey as a country music singer-songwriter. In 2019, he was inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum and received the iconic Riff Award for Everly’s 1957 hit “Wake Up Little Susie.”