Does Erza Know Natsu Is Zeref’s Brother?

Does Elsa know that Natsu is Zeref’s brother?

He doesn’t know when Zeref told Natsu, but I bet Natsu told him during the one year time skip after the last fight with Acnologia.

Who knows that Natsu is Zeref’s brother?

Zeref tells Natsu that his full name is Zeref Dragneel and that he is Natsu’s older brother. Zeref also revealed that four hundred years ago his family was attacked by dragons and Natsu was killed along with his parents.

Does everyone know that Natsu is Zeref’s brother?

Before the current anime, Natsu was not known to be Zeref’s previously deceased younger brother. However, it is revealed that Natsu is an E.N.D and an Ethereal created by Zeref. At the moment, only Gray, Lucy, Natsu and Happy know.

Does Elsa care about Natsu?

Elsa still cares for Natsu and he does the same in return, like an older sister and younger brother. It’s obvious that they love each other, but their quirks often gave others an idea of ​​their relationship.

In which episode does Zeref tell Natsu that he is his brother?

Memoir is the 284th episode of the Fairy Tail anime and the seventh episode of the 2018 television series.

In which episode does Natsu discover Zeref’s brother?

He finds out in Zeref chapter 465. He finds out in Zeref chapter 465.

Did Makarov know that Natsu was dead?

no The only ones who know that Natsu is OK are Gray, Lucy and Happy.

Does August know he is Zeref’s son?

Yes, it turns out that August is the son of Mavis and Zeref. He was born to Precht, also known as Hades (who is also the second master of the Fairy Tail guild).

In which episode does Zeref tell Natsu that it’s over?

In the final episode of Tartaros Arc, we learn that Natsu E.N.D. Zeref holding a book of E.N.D. at the end of episode 265 when he says Natsu’s full name: Aetherius Natsu Dragneel.

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