Do You Know Why Google Banned 5 Malicious Apps From Play Store?

Do you know an app can steal your money from the bank? But How? In this article, we are going to explore the reasons why an app can steal your money. And how can you prevent them from stealing your money?

Nowadays apps, whether it is gaming apps or security apps, are spreading malware that can steal users’ bank details and credentials and then steal their money. Moreover, users don’t even know until they get a message from the bank that a specific amount has been drawn from their account.

But what are those apps? Let’s explore it without delaying it so much.

5 Malicious Apps from Play Store:

Almost 20 million android users download these apps on their mobile phones and they need to remove them instantly before it’s too late. According to McAfee researchers found malicious malware named clicker inside these 5 android apps.

This malware will slow down the hardware performance and will drain out the battery.

1.   DX Clean:

Do you know why Google Banned 5 Malicious Apps from Play Store?
Do you know why Google Banned 5 Malicious Apps from Play Store?


As named explain that it is used to clean the application. Moreover, when you install the application on your mobile phone, it will install its configuration by downloading code by making an HTTPS request. Later on, this app will download malware on your mobile and you don’t understand what happened with your mobile phone. The changes are made using remote configuration and using FCM techniques.

2.   Smart Currency Converter:

As its name tells that this app is specially made for converting the currency of any country. Moreover, this app is recently banned from Google due to malicious code found in this app. So, google also warned 20 million users to uninstall this app and secure their mobile phones.

The list didn’t end yet. Keep reading to know about malicious applications.

3.   Mister Phone Cleaner:

When this app was launched, there was no malware found in its code. That’s why Google Play Store allows it to give services. This app is a helper of malware and drops malicious code on android mobile phones.

Once this app is installed on the user’s phone, they will ask for an update and during the update, they will upload a malicious code on the user’s phone. Google Play Store removed this app, but the android users who installed these apps should uninstall it.

Do you know the security app is spreading malware? If not then continue reading.

4.   Kylhavy Mobile Security:

When a security app is spreading malware instead of protecting your mobile. Then what can you do? Yes, the same happen with 20 million android users, who downloaded the Kylhavy Mobile security application.

Now, Google removed this app from the play store but users should uninstall this app immediately. Because these apps are spreading malware and stealing your money from your bank account.

Most users don’t know about this new process of stealing they unconsciously click on the update button, which will allow a hacker to steal their data. Above all, hackers can access your data through accessibility services.

5.   Instagram Profile Downloader:

Most android users download Instagram profile downloader to get photos and videos from any profile. Moreover, one can download the stories of users as well. Although it is convenient and easy to use now google has removed this app due to malicious code inside it.

Although millions of users download this app but uninstall it immediately. Otherwise, it will get all your credentials and steal your bank amount no matter how much you have.

Although Google has removed these apps from PlayStore some users still have these apps. You should remove those apps now.

After this attack, you might be afraid of applications which is safe or which are not.

But how can you avoid downloading dangerous apps on your mobile phone? Let’s explore it.

How can you avoid downloading dangerous apps?

To download safe apps, security researchers recommend downloading apps from authentic resources only. You should keep an eye on the number of downloads and reviews given by users.

Moreover, you should not grant permissions before being well aware of applications. Another method to avoid malware applications is to avoid links shared by your friend because that will be unsafe.


After the Google updates, everyone should be aware of such malware and suspicious applications. Moreover, if you have already downloaded the apps, you should immediately uninstall them. Don’t worry researcher has informed Google and Google already banned these apps from Playstore.

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