Dj Akademiks Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Livingston Allen, better known as DJ Akademiks, is a 30-year-old Jamaican-American DJ, rapper, and YouTuber. He is also popular as The Negotiator and Lil AK. Academics is best known for its satirical commentary on current social issues. He is also known for revealing the latest gossip, stories, and rumors about famous rappers. As of 2021, DJ Akademik’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Full Name Livingston Allen
Birth Date May 17, 1991
Birth Place Jamaica
Profession DJ, rapper, YouTube star
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $5 million

Early life

DJ Akademiks was born Livingston Allen on May 17, 1991 in Saint Catherine, Jamaica. At the age of 10 he moved to New York, in the United States. There is no information about his parents. For education, he enrolled at Rutgers University in New Jersey and majored in biomathematics. He later earned a master’s degree in financial mathematics.

Status and career of DJ Akademiks

Academic began his career as a DJ. He first performed as a DJ at his college radio station. He later built his reputation as a DJ by appearing at local events and picnics. While in college, he started his own hip hop blog called Late Night Creep. His blog is dedicated to the latest hip-hop news and gossip.

In October 2012, he launched his YouTube channel featuring satirical reporting and social media commentary. At that time, he was able to get more than 328,000 subscribers and more than 135 million views. His most viewed video, titled “Suge Knight Passes Out After Bail”, has over 11 million views. On July 11, 2015, he launched his main YouTube channel. To date, his YouTube channel has more than 2.41 million subscribers and 1.1 billion views.

In 2017, he interviewed the rapper about sexual harassment allegations. His interviews have been viewed more than 4.7 million times. Academicix has also covered other famous celebrities on their channels including Gucci Mane, The Game, Charlamagne Tha God, Stitches, and Kodak Black. He is also known for hosting the show Everyday Struggle with Nadya and Wayne.

Academicix is ​​also known for his rap songs. He performs his rap songs under the name Lil AK. In April 2018 he released his first song titled “Blues Clues”. To date, the song’s music video has received over 2.8 million views. He also released a song called “Triggers” in May 2018. Just three months later, he released a remix of Lil Blurry’s “Now I Made It.”

DJ Akademics recently made headlines with his new 8/3 Akademics podcast. He filmed a short clip of the first edition of the podcast on July 30, 2021, in which he invited guests from 6ix9ine and Wack 100. In July, Wack 100 requested a meeting with 6ix9ine, which he accepted by appearing on the Akademiks podcast. The three-hour podcast is scheduled to launch on August 3.

Personal life of DJ Akademiks

DJ Akademiks is currently single. He previously dated Dominican Republican model Angélica Ggx. The couple split in 2018. Her ex-girlfriend made serious accusations of cheating and being abusive during her relationship. She added that he was a womanizer who seduced women by getting them drunk.

DJ Akademiks net worth

As of 2021, DJ Akademik has an estimated net worth of around $5 million. He must have made a lot of money doing podcasts on his YouTube channel. In a year, he earns around $220,000 from his YouTube videos.