Dane Cook Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Dane Cook is a 49-year-old American comedian and actor. He is best known for his comedy album Retaliation, which became the comedian’s highest-grossing comic book album in 28 years. Cook is also known for his notable work on Mystery Men, Good Luck Chuck, and My Best Friend’s Girl. As of 2021, Dane Cook’s net worth is estimated to be around $35 million.

Full Name Dane Jeffrey Cook
Birth Date March 18, 1972
Birth Place Cambridge, Massachusetts, U. S.
Profession Stand-up comedian, actor
Girlfriend Kelsi Taylor
Net Worth $35 million

Early life

Dane Cook was born Dane Jeffrey Cook on March 18, 1972 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. He was born to parents George F. and Donna Jean Cook. Cook grew up in Arlington, Massachusetts with his five sisters and his older half-brother.

Cook attended Arlington High School. As a child he was very shy and reserved. Cook got over his shyness after starting acting in sitcoms and acting in high school. After leaving school, he went to college to study graphics.

Dane Cook Net Worth and Career

Cook began performing as a stand-up comedian at various comedy clubs in 1990. He was part of a comedy troupe that performed at local events. In 1992, Cook and his band were supposed to perform as part of the Rock of Boston musical concert. However, when they took the stage for his show, the audience started throwing shoes at him.

Cook did not stop performing and continued to appear at various events. In 1994 she moved to New York and started acting there. Cooke finally found success in 1998 after landing the lead role in the Comedy Central Premium series Blend. In 2003, she released her first comic album, Harmful If Swallowed, which went platinum.

Cook received critical acclaim with the release of her second CD/DVD Retaliation in 2005, which went double platinum. Her album reached the top 5 on the Billboard charts. He became the first comedian to have a Billboard Top 5 album in 27 years.

Dane filmed his first HBO special titled Vicious Circle on April 15, 2005. He also directed two pilot episodes for his television sitcom Cooked, but his sitcom was not repeated and was later released on DVD as Lost Pilot. . Cook later became a member of the 30-day, 20-show “Tourgasm” college tour, which was filmed and made into a 9-episode documentary on HBO.

Cook performed on a college tour with friends Gary Galman, Robert Kelly, and Jay Davis. Since then he has participated in several tours. He last performed on the Tell It Like It Is tour in 2019.

Apart from his great success as a comedian, he has also achieved tremendous success through his appearances in various movies. He began his film career in the late 1990s with small roles, in 2006 Cook received his first major role in the movie Employee of the Month.

Dane Cook’s personal life

Dane Cook is currently dating Kelsey Taylor, 23. He began dating Kelsey in 2017. Their romance blossomed during game night at his house. At first they were good friends, but after a while the two started to like each other and then their relationship started. Kelsey is a fitness guru, actress, and singer who appeared on the television show The Funny Bunch.

The fate of Dane Cook

As of 2021, Dane Cook’s personal fortune is estimated to be around $35 million. He earned a lot of money by participating in various comedy tours and movies. In 2008, Cook purchased a large 4,400-square-foot home valued at more than $7 million. He also bought another house for $3 million in December 2020.