Comment cacher le filtre d’un bassin ?

Re: hide filters? Polyurethane panels glued stacked, the most difficult work of sculpting then covered with a tinted cover in my case. If you have the opportunity to use polyurethane glue, it is easier to sand than silicone. 20

How do you dress a pond pump?

too weak? for the pool maybe .. but not for the filter if that’s it? has nothing to do with the pump, it overflows because it is clogged, do you clean it from time to time? It’s a swoon that can only be verified if you find a minimum of clues on the filter (particularly brand).

Why is my pond filter overflowing?

Plant submerged oxygenating species such as callitriches or bladderwort at the bottom of the pond. Lay out iris, juncus, arrowhead, mint or glyceria towards the shore, which do well in 15 to 30 cm of water depth.

How do I create a natural pond filter?

Install the pump in a basket with drilled edges. Fill it up with lava rock or pozzolana to ensure pre-filtration. Pipe the pump to the filter and water features. Place the basket on the bottom of the pool and lift it to prevent mud from rising.

How to build a pond water pump?

Find an old plastic trash can with a lid. Create a drainage hole in the trash can on the side near the bottom. Position the sorting bin so that what flows out of the drain hole goes back into the basin. Fill the trash can with clean filter material.

How do you filter an outdoor pool?

Reinjection of water into the pool can be done through special systems or outdoors to increase oxygenation. The most common mechanical filter devices are submersible filters, pressure filters, and gravity filters.

How do you filter the water in a pond without a pump?

Preferred plants in a natural pond You can add some plants, which are known for their filtering effect and help to keep the water clear and odor-free at all times. Think of riparian plants that serve as a retreat for a variety of animals while providing a purifying function.

How do you clean the water in a pond?

In the center of the tank, place submerged species with tall stems, such as lotus flowers, water lilies, or water lilies. They provide shade in summer and thus prevent the growth of algae. In winter they disappear from the water surface so that the sun can warm up the pond.

Where to put the pump in the pond?

Once the pond is installed and filled with water, you need to place the water pump in the center, slightly elevated to avoid clogging if your pond is deep in the center. The filter is placed on the bench, not far from the power supply.

How do you use a pond pump?

The principle of a closed circuit fountain is simple: the water in the basin rotates continuously and is recycled thanks to a pump that sends it back to the water outlet. It is therefore sufficient to fill the tank with water from the drinking system, your fountain or your feed for the first time and then to switch on the pump.

Comments from the filter pond installer?

The calculation is simple: just divide the volume of the pool by 2 to get the ideal pump performance. For a 1000 liter pool, a 500 l/h pump is perfect. 14