Can You Keep The Master Sword Without 13 Hearts?

Can you save the main sword without 13 hearts?

To get the Master Sword, you need 13 full heart caches. While getting temporary hearts is easy, unfortunately it won’t be enough. You need 10 heart containers at the start of the game in addition to the three hearts you start with.

How to get 13 hearts master sword smoothly?

This is what you need to do:

  1. Take a horse and go to Korok Forest.
  2. Once you’ve gotten rid of the mist, mount your horse right in front of the platform with the main sword. …
  3. When you’re right in front of the platform, manually save the game while you’re still on horseback.

Why do you need 13 hearts to get the main sword?

When you draw the sword it drains 12.5 of your hearts and when you draw the sword it then fully releases. If you are under 13, your first attempt to draw the sword will nearly run out of health and the Great Deku Tree will stop you.

Can you use Fake Hearts to get the main sword?

No, only red hearts count. According to the First Guide, you only need 13 hearts to get the main sword. Any extra hearts you get from food or other abilities do not count towards the 13 heart total.

Why is the sword master only 30 years old?

The reason the Master Sword only deals 30 damage and wears out so quickly when attacked by “common enemies” is because it was broken and consumed in the Great Cataclysm battles a hundred years ago. It has lost its potency and is no longer fully functional.

Is there a way to get the main sword without 13 hearts?

Don’t you have the 13 hearts it takes to capture the Master Sword? …That means you can draw the Master Sword after completing 40 shrines, even if you’ve invested heavily in stamina boosts along the way.

How to solve the problem of the sword master?

All players have to do is light a fire somewhere near the Master Sword and look at the cherry blossoms above. By clicking the vampire’s wait hint, players can wait until morning and crush A during the transition.

Can you get the Master Sword with the grace of Miphas?

1 Answer No, only red hearts count.

What is the easiest way to get the Master Sword?

Once you have access to Korok Forest, simply sleep by the fire at the triangular base of the swords and press the A Button when you wake up. You will get the Master Sword without the required number of hearts and you will be able to unleash the incredible power of it much sooner than you should.

Why did my main sword drop from 30 to 60?

The Master Sword has an attack power of 30, which increases to 60 when Link fights Calamity’s enemies. Weapon throwing is replaced with a laser attack that can only be used when Link is full of hearts. You can’t drop this sword to shoot, so buy it for the Hyrule Compendium before you pull it out of the stone.

Why is the main sword sometimes 60 years old?

I am 60 years old near the Guardians and in Hyrule Castle and it turns on. It is also more durable. Otherwise it’s 30. If you complete Trial of the Sword in the DLC, it stays at level 60 forever.

Is Master Sword getting stronger?

In beginner challenges that end after round 12, you will receive up to 40 Master Sword upgrades. …Finally, for the final tests ending in round 23, you get a Master Sword level up to 60, the Master Sword charge doesn’t start first, and you attack completely new with a bea.

How to get 60 damage from Master Sword?

When Link is in a dungeon near Guardians or Malice, the sword’s blade will glow with a blue aura. In this state, Master Sword deals 60 damage and only resets to 30 (except Trial of the Sword DLC) when removed from Malevolence.