Brave Girls Members Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Brave Girls is a popular South Korean girl group. The group ends up under Brave Entertainment. The current lineup consists of Minyoung, Yoojung, Eunji, and Yoon. The group debuted on April 7, 2011 with the single Do You Know?. Check out the bios below and Brave Girls profiles.


Minyoung was born in Incheon, South Korea. She joined Brave Girls in 2015. She studied at Hanyang University of Dance Arts.

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Hayoon is the funniest member even if she tries to hide it. According to Hayoon, Minyoung sleeps more. Hayoung did not participate in the new version of “Rollin” due to health reasons. She played the role of Seowun in the 2002 film Chihwaseong, which won both the Cannes Film Festival and the Blue Dragon Film Award. In March 2019 it was announced that he would be leaving the group. He is now a streamer on Twitch and goes by the name Dalha. In the morning, the first thing he kisses Yamyama.

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Yoojung is considered the cutest member. He earned the nickname Squirtle for his iconic smile. He is responsible for raising the morale of the group.

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Eunji can mimic her boss Brave Brothers speech. The first thing he does in the morning is check on his pet Laren. She has a low tolerance for alcohol, but only drinks to help herself sleep. She has the utmost respect for her parents and the CEO of Brave Brothers.

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Yuna’s hobbies are cleaning, painting and photography. For the latter, she has an additional Instagram account. She said that one of her talents is her ability to “look cool and elegant.”

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Yoonyoung appeared in the 2000 movie Mysterious Tears and starred in the 2001 TV series Delicious Proposal. She attended Hansung Girls’ High School.

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Soa loves all Korean food and mint chocolate (Yuna always shares it with other girls). She doesn’t like bland foods like pudding, dried persimmons, sushi. She has a low tolerance for alcohol and does not drink alcohol at all.

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Yejin revealed in a YouTube video that the real reason she left Brave Girls was because she feared for her safety, as her manager at the time was a reckless chauffeur who played on his phone while driving and was negligent during his trip to Los Angeles. designated places.

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Eugene is POP Haeri’s older sister. Since she left Brave Girls, she seems to have completely withdrawn from the public image.

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On January 13, 2017, it was announced that he would be taking an indefinite hiatus due to health issues. Hyeran is very fond of animals. He was announced to have left Brave Entertainment and Brave Girls in March 2019.

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