Avi Schiffman Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

                                                    Avi Schiffman is an 18-year-old American web developer. He has created one of the best coronavirus monitoring website called ncov2019.liv. More than 30 million people visit the site every day. In 2020, he was offered $8 million to advertise on his website, which he turned down. Avi Schiffman's net worth is still under review.
Full Name Avi Schiffmann
Birth Date October 26, 2002
Birth Place California, United States
Profession Web Developer
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth Under Review

Early life

Avi Schiffman was born on October 26, 2002 in California, United States. He is a student at Mercer Island High School. Avi started learning programming at the age of 7. He learned all the information about programming by watching the videos on YouTube.

Avi really wanted to learn programming. He spent a lot of time on his laptop and learned how to code. Avi also learned a lot from the web development discussion forums, where he asked many programming experts questions about programming.

Avi Schiffman’s Net Worth and Career

He started working on the first coronavirus monitoring website in early 2020. He called his website ncov2019.live before the official name Covid19 came out. After a while, the site received hundreds of millions of visitors who extracted data and information from their site.

It took a lot of hard work for him to create a coronavirus monitoring website. He began collecting data on the new virus in China. However, he was unable to obtain clear data on active cases and actual data from the Chinese government’s health website.

Through its website, it has made it easy for people to get real data and clear information about active COVID cases around the world. Instead of searching through various government data sources, people can use their website, which contains all the information they need.

More than 30 million people visit your website every day. According to the report, in April 2021, more than 700 million people visited its website to get real facts about the new coronavirus COVID19. After some time, when his site was created, he was offered to invest $8 million to advertise on his site, which he did not accept. He said that the purpose of his website is not to advertise and make money.

Avi added that he is only 17 years old and does not need $8 million. You also don’t want popups to ruin the user interface. Displaying ads prevents visitors from quickly accessing the website because it slows it down to a certain extent.

In addition to creating a coronavirus monitoring website, it has also developed other websites. He has created the website 2020protests.com, which hosts information about the Black Lives Matter protests in the United States. He also created the whoto.vote website during the 2020 presidential election.

Avi Schiffman’s Personal Life

Avi Schiffman currently considers himself single. He hasn’t opened yet. Avi seems to enjoy life to the fullest. He often posts photos on his Instagram and has fun with his friends. As of this writing, his Instagram has 22.4k followers.

Avi Schiffman Net Worth

Avi Schiffman plans to start his own tech startup. He is currently awaiting a decision from the university on him. Avi would definitely make $1 million if he accepted the $8 million offer. However, the exact net worth of him has yet to be revealed.