Anwar Zayden Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Anwar Seiden was Miami’s most legendary playboy. He was an actor, bull rider and businessman. Anwar is known for his recurring roles on Miami Vice. He is best known for his dramatic appearance at real estate mogul Thomas Kramer’s party. At the time of his death, Anwar Zaiden’s net worth was approximately $20 million.

Full Name Anwar Zayden
Birth Date October 8, 1961
Birth Place South Beach, Florida, U. S.
Profession Actor, Entrepreneur
Wife Not Available
Net Worth $20 million

Early life

Anwar Seiden was born on October 8, 1961 in South Beach, Florida, in the United States. Born to Lebanese parents living in Cuba, his father Alfredo de him was an import-export trader. Also, his mother Graciella was the daughter of a construction magnate. He grew up with four brothers and one sister.

In 1958, militants burned down his father’s store. They later moved to the United States. Anwar’s father started working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which led his family to travel to different places. At that time, his family was going through an unstable financial situation.

Anwar Zaiden Net Worth and Career

Anwar spent most of his youth in Madrid and Barcelona. He later moved to Miami from Spain at the age of 18. He previously competed as a bull rider where he also won cash prizes. During this time, he also gained knowledge of the framing profession. After some time he became self-employed under the name “Art-Express”.

Thanks to his compelling personality, he landed a recurring role as a drug dealer on Miami Vice. He appeared in the third season of Miami Vice in episode 7 titled “The Old Man”.

Anwar lived his life full of fun. He was also known as Miami’s most legendary playboy due to his popularity among women. Also, he has stood out at many lavish parties. His most prominent appearance was at real estate mogul Thomas Kramer’s Arabian Nights party, where he arrived on horseback.

On May 19, 2020, Anwar Zaiden passed away. Although the true cause of his death is unknown, multiple sources reported that he broke his leg and received a fatal blood clot that led to his death.

Anwar Zaiden Dating History

Anwar Zaiden has dated many women. He was in a relationship with TV host Yolanda Hadid for seven years. In one of her interviews, he said that Hadid was his first love.

Anwar also had problems due to his playboy nature. In 1997, model Nancy Johnsen told Anwar that he raped her. Miami police then arrested him. But he explicitly denied the claim that the sex was consensual. However, he was later charged with rape and kidnapping and spent 12 days in jail.

Anwar Zaiden Net Worth

Anwar Zaiden amassed a whopping $20 million fortune in his lifetime. The large amount of money that he earned came from his entrepreneurial and acting endeavors. Most sources revealed that he had unlimited bank accounts.