Addison Rae Net Worth Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Addison Rae got rich doing what everyone loves, TikTok, during the pandemic. The 20-year-old influencer may not be old enough to rent a car or order a beer, but he has 82.7 million TikTok followers, 38.7 million Instagram followers and a fortune worth the like button. To anybody.

Born Addison Rae Easterling in Louisiana, she explained to Elle in July 2021 that while night jobs seem to have exploded, she works hard, especially in her music and acting.

What is Addison Ray’s net worth?

Addison Ray is worth 5 million dollars. However, according to Forbes, Addison Rae earned that seven-figure sum along with her TikTok earnings in 2020, suggesting that she may be (or very soon will be) worth a bit more.

How Addison Ray became famous

How did Addison Ray become famous? Active on the platform since June 2019, she is one of those web personalities who managed to become a star in a very short time. Addison Rae is part of the TikTok group The Hype House and is also active on Instagram. She currently has over 35 million followers on Instagram.

Thanks to her beautiful photos, everyone loves her, especially the boys! Although Addison is a successful internet star, she wants to lead Hollywood as a dancer in the future. Behind the screen, she is a wonderful sister, daughter, and friend. She is friends with many other TikTok stars including Maximo Rivano and Chase Hudson. Addison’s popularity continues to grow over time, making her one of the most followed TikTok personalities.

What is Addison Ray’s net worth?

Addison Ray Net Worth in 2021: Addison Ray’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million as of 2021. In August 2020, Forbes named Ray as the highest paid TikTok personality. He also earns from paid advertisers and sponsors.

How much does Addison Ray earn?

How much does Addison Ray earn? She has been very talented since childhood. She started dancing at a young age and quickly became a teacher. She always loved taking pictures, she quickly became popular on social media. Her pictures attracted a lot of attention from men her age.

How much does Addison Ray earn on TikTok? In June 2019, Addison Rae launched her own TikTok channel. She started making dance videos, singing with her lips and dancing to famous songs. Many people started watching her videos and immediately she gained thousands of subscribers. Her fame and uniqueness have drawn attention. As of 2021, she earned $5 million before taxes, according to sources.

Addison lives a rich and fascinating life. He currently resides in his mansion in Los Angeles, California. The house she lives in is worth about $3 million. She also did a tour of the house on her YouTube channel.

How much does Addison Ray make per post?

While she didn’t necessarily say if it was her price or not, Rae admitted on the Views podcast in June 2020 that the most she knew of someone sponsoring a post on TikTok was $90,000. Since she is arguably one of the biggest stars on the platform, it is safe to say that her commissions are at least in that range. She also clarified that she only gets paid for TikTok with the brand.

In addition to TikTok, Ray also uses Instagram. He was earning just under $70,000 for a branded Instagram post.

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How much does Addison Ray earn on YouTube?

Ray is a well known presence on YouTube. It all depends on the type of content you upload and the reaction to the video. He reportedly earns between $5,000 and $80,600 per month on YouTube.

She’s also good at posting her content since she released her debut song “Obsessed” in March 2020. For the first time, she made a music video on YouTube to make sure it got a lot of views. As of this writing, The Possessed has amassed over 23 million views on YouTube.

Addison Ray’s new home

Ray lives in the Tarzan area of ​​Los Angeles in a $3 million villa with six bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, and an infinity pool. You can visit it below.

Did Addison Ray go to college?

Ray was a short-term graduate student at Louisiana State University, majoring in broadcast journalism. She and her family moved from Baton Rouge so they could stay home and get an education. But shortly after arriving on campus, she said, students noticed her through TikTok. She then realized that she might have a chance to capitalize on her popularity and decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in show business.