Yujin Just Announced Clc Disband Rumours From Girls Planet 999 Explained Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Majorpanic took the internet by storm after Eugene’s comments about the CLC women’s group. CLC fans speculated on Twitter about the resolution!

Cube Entertainment founded CLC in 2015.

Eugenio talks about GIRLS PLANET 999

The Chinese member of MNet Girls Planet 999, who was assigned to cover Eugene CLC’s Helicopter, used a verse from the song to describe how she felt about the original cast members.

He said, “We go upstairs, you don’t.” Eugene fans immediately saw this as a problem.

A clip was also released showing Eugene covering the microphone and crying after the first episode airs. Fans and viewers of Girl Planet999 were shocked by the clip.

Fans were worried because they didn’t understand why Eugene was crying. Was she a trainee or was she kicked off the show entirely? Internet speculation about Girls Planet 999 has exploded.

CLC disbanded due to a survival show… and no official Cube announcements, oh my god?

– Rishan 🐰❤️🍉 KEB1 OPEN (@lapinleader)

Some fans noted that Eugene’s legs were bandaged. They wondered if Eugene was crying in pain. Fans will have to wait and see if Eugene takes it to the next level.

Eugene is a member of the CLC women’s group. Eugene debuted alongside other CLC members on March 19, 2015. Her first mini album First Love was released on March 19, 2015.

This is the most shocking news for me. I love CLC’s music. I listen to his songs every day, especially Helicopter. It is very sad to see that they separated. The cube should give them a chance.

  • Crystal Joan Unay (@itskristalunay)

She has also appeared as an actress on shows like The Nightmare Teacher and So It’s Not Worth It. Eugene can also be seen on Naver TV in the network drama “Green Fever.”

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Fans reflect on the dissolution of the CLC

After Eugene’s appearance on Girls Planet 999, fans of the group took to Twitter.

It’s clear that the fandom is in conflict and trying to decide if CLC will really disband.


— milica (@luvminees)

An Eugene tweeted: “I trusted Cube so I could see what they were doing to other artists. They put them on a survival show to get recognition. Come on I’ll stand up for my girls no matter what.”

Another wrote: “Eugene said the CLC was fired, not disbanded, which is basically what Elkie said earlier. Cube simply told them, “You can do whatever you want, but we don’t support you anymore.”

Another person wrote: “They haven’t disbanded, they’ve been fired, Cube will keep them underground until the contract expires. The reason Eugene chose the GP999 is probably because if he succeeds and catches on, CUBE will receive the CLC CB and that’s probably why they never made an official announcement.

Cube Entertainment has yet to confirm or deny the rumors about CLC’s breakup.

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