Wie Viel Stoff Brauche Ich Für Einen Vorhang?

How much fabric do you need for the curtains?

The curl factor is usually between 2 and 3. A curl factor of 1:2.5 means, for example, that you need 2.5 meters of fabric per meter of window width. For a window with a width of 3 meters, the width of the fabric must be at least 3 x 2.5 = 7.5 meters. twenty

What is the length of the curtains?

MEASURE the length from the center of the cornice. Pay attention to the method of hanging the curtains: for scarves with eyelets, the distance from the upper edge of the hem to the eyelet ring is usually two centimeters. 7

How to measure a curtain?

The length of your curtain depends on the suspension; if your curtain is fixed to a ceiling rail, you need to do this

What sewing thread is used for curtains?

This is a 120 sewing thread, like the standard medium strength polyester sewing thread, and the 160 is already very thin, suitable for delicate curtains, while the 5080 denim thread and 2040 leather thread are very thick.

How beautiful are the curtains?

So that the fabric of curtains or blinds with loops lays particularly evenly and does not “lift” on the sides, it suffices to insert it once, e.g. you… 16

What is the width of the curtain?

Measure the width of the window front, cheek to cheek. If you are using a curtain rod, you can also use its length as a measurement. If the curtain is not going to sit flush with the front of the window, but should stick out slightly to the left and right, add at least 20cm.

How long should panel curtains be?

The correct size of panel curtains.

For the length of the doré: to ensure a smooth glide, the individual curtains must not drag or touch the ground. Therefore, you must maintain a minimum distance of about two or three centimeters between the ground and the edge of the fabric.

What should be considered when sewing with fine fabrics?

Notes on sewing fine fabrics

When sewing, use a fine, undamaged sewing machine needle * (size 60 or 70) to prevent the fabric from pulling on the threads. If you gently rub the tip of the needle against your fingertip, you may feel small bumps and possibly. insert a new needle.

How to shorten a curtain?

shorten: determines the length of the curtain

For floor-length curtains, it is preferable that they end 2 cm above the edge of the floor. If the window has a sill, let the curtain end about 5 cm below the sill.