Who Is The Highest Paid Love And Hip Hop Cast Member?

Who is the highest paid Love & Hip Hop artist?

  1. Yandy Smith Harris $15 million According to Celebrity Net Worth, Yandy Smith Harris is worth approximately $15 million. This huge amount makes her the highest paid actress in love and hip hop.

How much do love and hip hop actors earn?

Lil Scrappy, who is not a regular character on the show, reportedly earns $200,000 per season, while OG member Mimi Faust earns $100,000 per season. Rashida Frost and her ex-husband Kirk are also enjoying the dough. Kirk earns $300,000 per season, while Rashida earns $25,000 per episode.

How much does Yung Joc earn per episode?

Receives a $50,000 stipend for the series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Since she appeared in 82 episodes, that’s a big chunk of her net worth.

How much is Rashida worth in 2021?

Rashida Net Worth and Salary in 2021

As of August 2021, Rashida’s net worth was estimated at $800,000. She made her fortune from her breakout career as a rapper, though she also worked as a stylist, reality TV celebrity, and businesswoman.

How much does Stevie Jay make from love and hip-hop?

Former Stevie J is an OG cast member and is one of the few original cast members to remain with the show for the duration of the series. He definitely has a good reason to stay here, as he makes over $100,000 a season.

How much do they make at Love and Hip Hop Atlanta?

OG Love & Hip Hop – The Atlanta star earns around $50,000 per season.

How much does Bambi make from love and hip-hop?

His current salary on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is $100,000 and he has appeared in 62 episodes to date.

How much does the cast of Grow Hip Hop make per episode?

But we can expect them to get a nice check, as Business Insider reports that cable reality stars can earn $12,000 or more per episode.

How much does Bambi earn per episode?

Bambi was reportedly making around $8,000 for a season six episode of Love and Hip Hop in Atlanta. That works out to $144,000 for the entire season, a hard figure to laugh at. Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs Mondays at 8 p.m. m. on VH1.

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