Who Is Laura Savoie Dennis Quaid Wife Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Laura Savoy is known as the wife of Dennis Quaid. She was spotted out with her beloved dog Peaches on a solo walk in New York City this week.

The 67-year-old showed off his slim figure in a black leather jacket and matching shirt, while maintaining a downright seductive slit on his top button.

His departure is set against the backdrop of his 27-year-old graduate student, with whom he made headlines last year when he became his fourth wife.

wife of dennis quaid

Dennis had previously been married to actress Carrie PJ Soules, romantic comedy star Meg Ryan, and Texas real estate agent Kimberly Buffington.

His eldest son, Jack Quaid, whom he shares with Meg, is 29 years old, putting him above his latest stepmother.

Husband Laura Savoy

Kimberly and Dennis, who went through numerous breakups and reconciliations before their final divorce, are raising 13-year-old twins Zoe and Thomas.

Dennis announced his engagement to Laura in late 2019 and they fled to Santa Barbara last summer.

Laura Savoy and Dennis Quaid

The couple originally planned a full wedding in Hawaii, and although the idea was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, they still tied the knot in 2020.

“I wasn’t looking for an age difference or someone who was actually younger than me,” she told The Guardian during their engagement.

“I met her at a work event, after which we started a relationship. You have no control over who you fall in love with,” she explained.

“I don’t fall in love easily. But I can’t let you control what some people think. I’ve been married three times and this is the last time I know. I feel like I have a real life partner,” said the Parent Trap actor.

After the wedding, he told the Today show with his trademark smile that “we’ve been apart for 30 years and we don’t even know it.” You know, it’s us: I’ve never been as connected to anyone in my life as I am to us.

He added: “It’s that we have for example a good relationship and, you know, love finds its way wherever it is and you never know when love will come, what it will be, and you can’t control it, and we could have been just “I couldn’t.” be happier.

Dennis also burst onto the country scene last month at the Kiss Breast Cancer Goodbye concert at the Country Music Hall of Fame at the CMA Theatre.