When Is Its Okay Not To Be Okay Season 2 Coming Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay is one of the most popular drama series airing on tvN in South Korea. Viewers love this show for its mix of teen romance and family struggles. The young actors, especially Kim Nam Joo and Ryu Jun Yeol, are also popular with fans of the drama.

It’s Okay That Out Of Order Season 2 Story Was Revealed

The three main characters were forced to end their relationship when they broke up after college. Will they meet again in the future?

“It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” tells the story of three friends, Ji Ho (Kim Nam Joo), Yoon Sung (Ryu Jun Yeol), and Myung Soo (Jin Young), who go to college together. The three of them graduate but break up because they don’t want to break up. However, they face family problems that prevent them from being as close as before…

The series has an open ending with Ji Ho looking for her husband in Japan and Myung Soo dealing with his marital problems after getting drunk. Although there were rumors that the production team would be working on a second season, Kim Nam Joo said at a recent press conference that he had not heard of it.

The series had the lowest viewership score in the finale at 1.8%, but is still considered a huge hit with over three million people watching its first episode. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay has also been praised for taking family and family matters realistically and giving them proper attention, instead of rushing or embellishing them like other dramas do.

When Ji Ho and Yoon Sung parted ways with their loved ones to be together, many viewers disagreed with their choice, though they later realized that they were both wrong. The drama addressed this issue as well as family issues by not portraying one character as good and another as bad because everyone makes mistakes…

The series ended with the three main characters still apart, but their paths may cross again in the future because the possibilities are endless.

“It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” received high marks for its realistic portrayal of family problems and young people’s struggles after college, but some viewers said it didn’t treat the issue the way “Reply 1988” did ( tvN 2016). . However, both dramas were very successful, and live search ranked first on Naver during their broadcast. Being off duty also made Kim Nam Joo more popular than before because she had few previous jobs to show her acting skills…

What to expect from the second season of It’s Okay Not to Be Okay?

The drama has received a lot of positive and negative feedback from viewers and critics alike, but tvN is unlikely to decide to cancel the series after only one season as it has a strong cast of famous actors. There is still no official news on It’s Okay Not to Be Okay Season 2, including a release date. If the series gets the greenlight again, fans should expect the characters to finish their jobs properly, get back together, or break up. The production team has not given any clues about the second season of It’s okay if you’re not okay, so stay tuned!

Updated drama “It’s okay not to be okay”?

As mentioned above, there is no official news regarding the production of It’s Okay Not to Be Okay Season 2 as well as a release date. If you have any news or information about it, please share your thoughts and leave a comment below! Stay tuned to KMusic official channel for more entertainment news around the world!

It’s okay to be out of commission in the cast of the second season.

The cast will be as similar as possible with minor changes. Kim Soo Hyun will take her place and take on the role of Moon Gang Tae. Seo Ye Ji will continue to play Ko Moon Young, and Oh Jong Se will definitely reprise the role of Moon Sang Tae. The actors who will play Nam Joo Ri and Lee Sang In have not been announced yet, and they may appear as guests in the drama. The show can continue with the same cast, or you can make some changes to fit the story.

Netflix may soon begin production on the second season.

When will it be okay to miss season 2?

There is no news about the renewal of the drama yet, but there is news that the entire cast and crew will return for a second season. If the show is confirmed to be finished in May 2022, it will be available in the plans in mid-2022. The popularity of the show has not diminished and many fans have made huge requests for the show to be renewed. There may be some good news for fans in the near future, as you’ll get a pre-confirmation here when the news is released. So, are you excited for the return of the series and what do you expect from it?