What Makes A Perfect Sequel?

What makes a perfect sequel?

The best sequels completely rethink their characters and main story. Aliens has even switched genres: it’s an action adventure, unlike Alien, which is a pure horror movie. Resolving ongoing stories and first draft character arcs is the least important part of a sequel.

What is a sample set?

result or consequence. The definition of a sequel is what follows, that is, the second volume of a book or movie that picks up where the first left off, or extends the story that preceded it. Movies like The Matrix 2 or Transformers 2 are examples of sequels.

What makes a sequel bad?

Anytime a story highlights the unmatched power of the hero, it’s a major warning sign of things to come. … If the narrator tries to break his promise by introducing even more powerful villains, he will invalidate the previous story. Also, he often surprises.

What makes a good trilogy?

To create a successful trilogy, each installment in the series must be different while remaining connected to its siblings. Making sequels without thinking about how they relate to the original story that spawned them is like giving up on a trilogy.

What is the most successful trilogy?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the highest-grossing movie series in history, even adapted for inflation, surpassing JRR Tolkien’s Wizarding World, Star Wars, James Bond, and Middle-earth series.

What is the name of the series of 7 films?

A heptalogy (from the Greek ἑπτα hepta, seven and λογία logia, language), also called a septology, is a literary or narrative work consisting of seven separate works.

What does a sequel do?

1: consequence, result. 2a: further development. b: in particular the following part (such as a speech or a story): a literary, cinematographic or television work that continues the course of a story started in a previous one.

Why did the Star Wars sequels fail?

So the sequel trilogy has always been doomed because of the Abrams mystery boxes. The Force Awakens uncovers many mysteries that Abrams simply didn’t know the answers to – the sequels would have scrambled to come up with proper solutions, but they never did.

Why are sequels never as good as the original?

Unlike the original, the sequel doesn’t require much effort. The characters and the world are now familiar to the viewer. It’s not the producers trying to win over the fans anymore, it’s the fans looking forward to the next one. This already gives creators confidence in the blockbuster.

Is The Lord of the Rings the best trilogy?

There are a few examples of such successful trilogies, but The Lord of the Rings is by far one of the best trilogies of all time and quite possibly the best trilogy of the 21st century. 2 days later

What is the best movie of the saga of all time?

IMDb’s Top 10 Movie Franchise of All Time



  • 1 Godfather: 8.6. The Godfather and The Godfather Part II are considered two of the best movies of all time.
  • 2 Middle Earth: 8.2. …
  • 3 Toy Story: 8.1. …
  • 4 How to train your dragon: 7.8. …
  • 5 Harry Potter: 7.7. …
  • 6 The Matrix: 7.6. …
  • 7 Indiana Jones: 7.6. …
  • 8
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