What Is The Silent Emergency Number?

What is a silent emergency number?

Silent Solution 55 is the name of an initiative that allows people to call 999 when they can’t talk. If there is no answer, the operator will ask the caller to cough or give another beep to indicate that the caller needs police assistance.

What happens if you press 55 after calling 999?

Call 999 from a cell phone

If you don’t speak or answer questions, press 55 when prompted and your call will be transferred to the police. Pressing 55 only works on mobile devices and prevents the police from tracking your location. If you don’t press 55, your call will end.

What if you can call 999 but you can’t talk?

In this situation, you can dial 999 and remain silent. If you don’t answer, the operator will ask you what service you need. If you still don’t answer, you will be asked what number you dialed to make sure you want to call the emergency number.

What emergency number do you call when you can’t talk?

What is the silent solution 55? Silent Solution 55 is the name of an initiative that allows people to call 999 when they can’t talk. Police have been using this system for over 15 years to help operators identify real and random calls.

112 for what?

The emergency number 112 will give immediate assistance to services such as police (100), firefighters (101), health (108) and women’s services (1090). India’s unique 112 emergency number was established in 16 states and Union Territories by Union Home Secretary Rajnath Singh.

What does 999 mean to cops?

Other police codes 10

10 999 = The officer has fallen / The officer needs urgent help. This is considered an emergency signal that requires immediate attention. In a situation where an officer is down, all available units will respond.

What happens when you call 999 9999?

When asked how this happened, Rainbow replies that it was a demonic call from the phone number 9999999. If you call after midnight and make a wish, the wish will come true later, but the caller will die as a result.

Can you text 911 if you can’t talk?

If you are using a cordless phone or other mobile device, follow these steps in an emergency: Call 911 if possible. If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired and 911 is not available, use a TTY or telecommunications relay service if possible.

What if you have to call 911 but can’t talk?

When the suspect speaks, the emergency operator listens to the call and ignores it. If you are hiding, do not speak and wait for the emergency services operator to call support. If you’re using a mobile phone and have Wi-Fi Calling turned on, be sure to save your home address.

Is 112 monitoring your location?

The 999 (or 112) service handles approximately 36 million calls per year, two-thirds of which are from cell phones. … Therefore, when mobile phone calls are made, the emergency operator usually verbally confirms the exact location of the caller.

What happens if you enter 112 by mistake?

112 is reserved for emergency calls. Calling this number for any other reason is considered abuse (if intentional) or abuse (if accidental). Misuse of the emergency number is a punishable offence.