What Is The Ideal YouTube Video Length?

What is the ideal length for a YouTube video?

The ideal YouTube video length is between 3 and 3.5 minutes.

How long should YouTube videos be in 2020?

Best YouTube Video Length for Monetization

However, for optimal revenue, you should make your video at least 8 minutes long, as you can place additional interstitial ads in the video.

What is the average length of a YouTube video?

This stat shows the average length of a YouTube video in December 2018, broken down by category. According to the report, the average length of the video is 11.7 minutes. Music content tended to have the shortest video length of any category on the platform, with an average length of 6.8 minutes per video.

Do YouTube videos have to be 10 minutes long?

Going over 10 minutes is especially important: At this point, YouTube allows creators to place ads in the middle of their videos, instead of just showing ads at the beginning.

Does YouTube delete old videos?

No, it’s not. Please note that very old YouTube videos are not in HD and are shorter. This means that the oldest videos take up about 10% of your memory (and bandwidth). There is little point in deleting these videos.

Do longer YouTube videos make more money?

A longer video means more ads and more watch time and engagement. More ads mean content creators earn more. … Monetizing content on the platform results in a 45/55 split of ad revenue between YouTube and the content creator.

Why do YouTubers want 10 minute videos?

YouTubers create 10-minute videos using the YouTube algorithm. They rate videos with longer viewing times better. So if your video is 5 minutes long and all of your viewers watch all of your full videos, it will always rank below a 10 minute video and people will only watch 60% and leave.

Can I monetize a minute of video?

Video creators can now monetize videos up to a minute in length by playing ads every 30 seconds with minimal interruptions. … Previously, in-app ads could only monetize videos longer than 3 minutes, and ads didn’t appear earlier than 1 minute later.