What is the antonym of perspective?

What is the opposite of perspective?

Haze Haze
Fuzziness Fuzziness
Concealment Darkness
Opacity Smogginess

What are the 2 antonyms of the word perspective?

Antonyms of perspective

  • without perspective.
  • hopeless.
  • without a horizon.
  • not very promising.
  • without perspective.
  • no effect.
  • Fog.
  • ineffective.

What is the opposite of prospective?

forward-looking (adj) or concerned or related to the future. potential income a future mother a future wife the law is in force only prospective Antonyms: retrospective, retrospective, retrospective, retrospective.

What is the opposite of perception?

Comprehensive dictionary of perceptual synonyms and antonyms. Antonyms: thoughtful, reminiscent, insensitive, imperceptible, inattentive, unaware, insensitive. Synonyms: cognitive, anxious, sensitive, perceptive.

What is the synonym for perspective?

SYNONYMS. Perspective, view, point of view, point of view, point of view, position, stand, attitude, angle, inclination, attitude, mindset, frame of reference, approach, point of view, mindset, point of view, interpretation. 2a perspective of the whole valley SYNONYMS .

What is the synonym and antonym of perspective?

pɝˈspɛktɪv) A way of looking at situations or issues, etc. Synonyms. avant-garde avant-garde ideology peak paradigm spread view orientation bird’s-eye view ray of hope position ideology futurism. Antonyms. Appreciation excludes disrespect disbelief orthodoxy.

What is the root of the word perspective?

Perspective has a Latin root meaning to see through or perceive, and all meanings of perspective have something to do with looking. When you see the world from the dog’s point of view, you are seeing through the dog’s eyes. When drawing, perspective gives your drawing the impression of depth or distance.

What are two synonyms for perspective?

Synonyms of perspective

  • angle,
  • angle of view,
  • perspective,
  • shoes,
  • tilt,
  • li>
  • viewpoint,
  • viewpoint,
  • viewpoint .

What is the best synonym for foresight?

Synonyms and antonyms of likely

  • expected,
  • expected,
  • expected,
  • planned,
  • predicted, < /li>
  • projected.

What is the other word for perception?

SYNONYMS OF insightful 1 insightful, insightful, lively, shrewd.

What do you call someone who is insightful?

smart: very smart or smart smart. 1 . insightful: Having or demonstrating clairvoyant, penetrating mental discernment.