What Is The Antonym Of Chronological?

What is the opposite of the word chronological?

random haphazard
recurring unmethodical
careless unplanned
slipshod accidental
fragmentary disconnected

What is the opposite of chronological order?

The reverse chronological order is reversed. Events are listed or described with the most recent event first by date and time. News headlines are usually in reverse chronological order, perhaps because the most recent event is the most important, or because you have read previous headlines or articles.

What is the opposite of news?

What is the opposite of chronic?

conceal erase
withhold keep
confuse refrain
repress dissociate
mix up question

What is a synonym for the word chronological?

On this page you can find 46 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and chronological related words like.

What is the opposite of the word team?

Antonyms: disorder, disorder, disorder. Synonyms: establish, direct, order, regulate, evaluate, dictate, dispose, erect, speak, order, order, order, arrange, consecrate, order, regulate, speak, prescribe, place, regulate. order (verb)

What is an example program?

Chronology is the chronological arrangement of events. … For example, in literature and writing, timeline indicates the timeline of events or history. The candle making timeline would give a timeline of the history of candle making from its first appearance to the present day. You can find terms for almost everything!

Is the chronological order from newest to oldest?

Chronological order means sort by date, starting with the oldest and ending with the most recent. If you want it to be new first, it’s in reverse chronological order.

What does chronic mean?

1: A historical account of the events in chronological order without any analysis or interpretation of the chronicle of the civil war. 2: narrative sense 1 chronicle of the fight against drug trafficking. chronicle. Verb Chronicle \ˈkrä ni k(ə)liŋ\

What is another word for morphology?

On this page you can find 16 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words related to morphology such as: morphology, modeling, plasticity, surface structure, ontogenesis, phylogenesis, ultrastructure, neuroanatomy and facies.

What does order mean?

Surname. English Learner Order Definition (Item 2 of 2): A statement by a person in authority that tells someone to do something: an order or directive to follow. – A specific request to a company to deliver goods or products to a customer. 5 days ago

What is a synonym for around?

What’s another word for around?

to for
reach for
towards get
toward geared toward
in preparation for relieve