What Is Edward Cullen Supposed To Look Like?

Who should be Edward Cullen?

Edward Cullen

Bella talks about her skin in the book, saying that it looks and feels like marble: very white, hard as stone, and cold as ice. Her hair, according to Bella, is always disheveled and tanned, and her features are perfect and angular.

What should Bella be?

Physical appearance

Bella has a very pale complexion with long, straight dark brown hair, a widow’s tip, unique chocolate brown eyes, and a heart-shaped face with a wide forehead. Her eyes are large and far apart. She has a pretty nose and prominent cheekbones.

What should the Cullen house be like?

The house itself is “painted a pale pale white, three stories high, rectangular and well proportioned” and has “a deep porch that wraps around the ground floor”. (TW15) Bella thinks she’s about a hundred years old and describes it as “timeless, graceful.” (TW15) In the same chapter we are also told that…

Why did Edward Cullen’s eyes turn black?

Expert Answers

Vampires, who often drink human blood, have red eyes and pass out from thirst. In contrast, the Cullens’ eyes turn dark brown when they need it most and turn creamy gold when their hunger is sated.

Is Edward Cullen cruel?

I really hate breaking your heart when you were a teenager, but Edward Cullen is downright insulting. … Yes, he was insulting. If you want proof, he gassed Bella, lied to her, put her in danger, became her ghost, and haunted her. It’s really a miracle that he managed to put all those red flags on five movies, but he did it.

What was Bella Swan supposed to look like?

Bella Swan in the movie is very similar to her version in the book. She is pale, a bit clumsy in her movements, slim, has brown hair and brown eyes. Kristen Stewart’s eyes weren’t brown, so she wore contact lenses and she also wore a brown wig in the third film in the franchise.

What should Bella and Edward be?

In the book, the other main character, Edward Cullen, is described as being of indescribable beauty, and is constantly compared by Bella to the Greek demigod Adonis. Bella talks about his skin in the book, saying that he looks and feels like marble: very white, hard as stone, and cold as ice.

How did they make Bella have anorexia in Breaking Dawn?

To make Bella look like she was 30 pounds lighter and dying, VFX supervisors looked at the models on the runway and sculpted Kristen Stewart’s face to make it look like she had an eating disorder. … As a result, 21-year-old Kristen actually wore braces that exaggerated her cheekbones, chin and collarbone.

Who was supposed to play Bella in Twilight?

Several actors and actresses have spoken of auditions for roles that ended without being able to land them. Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for the role of Bella Swan in Twilight, but Kristen Stewart was chosen instead.

What was Edward Cullen supposed to look like?

Her eyes, once green, are now described as topaz. His appearance changes when he doesn’t eat for a long time: her eyes turn almost black and purple bruises appear under her eyes. Edward is 62 years old and slim but muscular.

Where is the Cullen house from “Twilight”?

West Vancouver, British Columbia (aka: Cullen House, Washington)

Whitecliff Park Cullen House, used (only) for New Moon, is located in West Vancouver. This is a private residence at British Properties at 118 Stevens Drive.

Why did Esme kill herself?

To earn a living, she became a teacher, temporarily fulfilling her childhood dream. The boy was born in 1921 and died of pulmonary fever two days later. Esme herself was devastated and she felt that she had no reason to live when she tried to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff.

Is Edward and Bella’s cabin real?

The appearance of the cabin in the movie seemed a bit fake to me. I thought maybe it was just CGI (like Baby Renesmee in the movie), especially since we never shot them up close. However, photos of a chalet under construction in Canada were posted on a fan site.

What does it mean when Edward Cullen’s eyes are black?

In the Twilight world, if vampires have black eyes, they need to be fed. … The golden-eyed vampires are the ones who chose not to drink human blood and eat only animal blood, and call themselves “vegetarians” (at least that’s what the Cullens called themselves).

What color are Edward’s eyes?

Her eyes, once green, are now described as topaz or liquid gold. His appearance changes when he doesn’t eat for a long time: her eyes darken, turning black like onyx, and purple shadows with blue spots appear under her eyes.

Why didn’t Edward’s eyes turn red?

this is probably just a little mistake by Stephenie Meyer. They just have to drink human blood. Edward didn’t even drink much, so his eyes wouldn’t change. …The fact is that Edward didn’t get enough blood from Bella for his eyes to turn red.

Why does Bella have brown eyes in Twilight?

Bella’s brown hair and chocolate eyes are mentioned in the Twilight books. To capture the details of the movie’s favorite characters, the actors had to change her appearance, just like most actors for the roles. In Twilight, Kristen had to wear brown contact lenses to hide her naturally green eyes.

How toxic is Bella and Edwards’ relationship?

“Bella and Edward’s relationship is 100% toxic, sick and violent,” says Rachel Wright, a psychotherapist and licensed relationship counselor based in New York. “The Twilight movies promote the idea that women are at their best when they’re boring and submissive.

Who is worse Edward or Jacob?

While Edward is in control and a bad friend at times, Jacob probably feels worse overall about this scene. This scene is really heavy and it’s heartbreaking that fans don’t call this character out more often.

What kind of person is Edward Cullen?

Edward is often portrayed as caring and stubborn, but also very kind and compassionate. Bella also describes him as charming, polite, and determined. He easily blinds women with his beauty, perfume, and body and convinces them to do whatever he wants.

Edward Cullen – 109?

Even hardcore Twilight fans may find it strange that Edward is 109 years old and chooses to relive high school over and over again. He attends the local high school in Forks, Washington with his brothers and is relatively handsome.