What is another way of saying in regards to?

What is another word for regarding?

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vs vs
vs in vs
vs vs
vs re
over over

What can I use instead?

Synonyms of in relation to

  • over,
  • over,
  • over,
  • insofar as,
  • over, < /li>
  • re .
  • (also with regard to),
  • with regard to,

What does that mean in terms of

In Regard(s) To, With Regard(s) To Regarding and Regarding are expressions meaning regarding, concerning, about. Regarding – note the s at the end – means the same thing.

What is correct in relation to or in relation to?

Re is the only spelling of this phrase that you should use. This is the grammatically correct version of the sentence. Regarding his abuse. However, an even better option would be to use the preposition relating to or another preposition like in or on.

How do you use greetings in a sentence?

Choose the best word or phrase.

  1. I want to speak to you [regarding/regarding] the confetti incident.
  2. [Regarding] your text message, let’s just pretend it never happened.
  3. [Send my greetings /Send my greetings ] to your mother.
  4. Shawna called me [regarding] your overdue library book.

How do you use apropo in a sentence?

Roughly in one sentence 🔉

  1. The comment on Justine fits perfectly with our discussion. …
  2. With my bills due, my father’s financial gift came at just the right time. …
  3. Although the words may sound a bit strange, they are on point and relevant to the topic we are discussing.