What Is A Virtual Class In Apex Programming?

What is a virtual classroom in Apex Programming?

Abstract classes MUST be extended and all abstract methods MUST be overridden. Virtual classes are functional classes and can be created or extended without overriding methods.

What is the difference between abstract class and virtual class?

Virtual methods have an implementation and allow derived classes to override them. Abstract methods provide no implementation and require derived classes to override the method. Therefore, abstract methods contain no real code and subclasses MUST override the method.

What is the virtual keyword for a class in Salesforce?

A virtual class or interface declaration extends a class or interface. A virtual class can also declare virtual methods, which allows them to be overloaded. There is no need to declare a virtual method when extending an interface because the methods have not yet been defined.

What are Apex classes?

A class is a model or schema from which objects are created. An object is an instance of a class. This is the default class definition. Apex classes are similar to Java classes. For example, the InvoiceProcessor class describes a class that contains all the methods and actions that can be performed on an invoice.

What is an abstract class in Apex?

An abstract class can contain methods signed as abstract. To clarify, this is a method that has only one signature (the body is not defined). The child class must implement all methods declared as abstract! An abstract class can also contain other methods that have logic.

Can a class be virtual?

In object-oriented programming, a virtual class is a nested inner class whose member functions and variables can be overridden and overridden by subclasses of the outer class. Virtual classes are similar to virtual functions.

What is an example of a virtual function?

A virtual function is a member function declared in a base class and overridden by a derived class. When a class containing a virtual function is inherited, the derived class redefines the virtual function to meet its own requirements. … A base class pointer can point to an object of a derived class.

What is the virtual keyword for?

The virtual keyword is used to modify a method, property, indexer, or event declared in a base class and allow it to be overridden in a derived class. The override keyword is used to extend or change a method, property, indexer, or virtual/abstract event from a base class to a derived class.

What is abstraction in Salesforce?

Data abstraction is a mechanism to extract important details without delving into minor details. These are abstractions of the physical plane. … They are a physical level abstraction, a conceptual/presentation level abstraction, and a presentation level abstraction.

What does a superscript look like?

Apex is more like Java than Javascript. See the documentation here, What is Apex: Apex is a strongly typed object-oriented programming language that allows developers to execute transaction and flow control statements on the Force.com API server.

What is a passing score in Apex?


APEX is a Mastery based system. You must have results at each stage of the course to progress. 60% is the minimum score for all activities that must be completed in APEX. 60% is the minimum overall score to pass the exam.

What is the Apex interface?

An interface in Apex is a set of unimplemented methods and contains a method signature, but the body of each method is empty. To use an interface in Apex, another Apex class must implement it by providing the body of all methods contained in Apex interfaces.

What are Apex classes in Salesforce?

Apex can define top-level classes (also called outer classes) and inner classes; NOW. a class defined within another class.