What Happens If You Tell AJ Not To Shoot Lilly?

What happens if you tell AJ not to shoot Lilly? Oh no, he won’t; instead, he will go as quickly as possible, and as James said, AJ will develop into a true monster pike. Clem is the only person who ought to murder Lilly.

What if I tell AJ not to shoot Lilly?

If AJ is told not to shoot Lilly, he will be happy with AJ for a short time before Lilly stabs him. AJ is then shocked and horrified to see James bleeding on the bridge.

What happens if you tell AJ to put the gun down?

During this confrontation, Clementine notices an open window behind an unsuspecting Abel. At this point, Clementine can either attack Abel or tell AJ to put the gun down so Abel can leave in peace. Clementine can also tell AJ to shoot Abel (or shut up), but that will end the game.

What Happens If You Tell AJ Not To Shoot Lilly?
What Happens If You Tell AJ Not To Shoot Lilly?

What if you side with Lilly on The Walking Dead?

Wait until your time runs out. Kenny will tell you that you are useless. He will fight Lilly and kill Larry. He will treat you as if he wanted to side with Lilly, which means that Kenny will be just as mad at you as if he were trying to side with her (see Helping Lilly).

Is Lilly still killing Mitch?

In an attempt to protect Tenn from Lilly, Mitch runs to Lilly to stab her because he is unable to. However, he comes to his senses just in time to instinctively stab him in the neck. When Mitch is mortally wounded, Lilly stabs him in the head again to prevent him from being resurrected.

Is there any way to stop AJ from shooting Marlon?

You have no way to prevent this situation (you won’t talk AJ out of shooting, you won’t prevent him from taking ammo or the gun itself). This is the default ending.

What if I tell AJ not to shoot Lilly?

If AJ is ordered not to shoot Lilly, she will stab James in the back, fatally wounding him. She does not mourn his death.

Did AJ shoot Lilly?

Lilly feigns defeat and submission and begs for her life. Clementine sees through her lies and orders AJ to shoot her. Lilly is then shot in the cheek by her, killing her instantly.

Can Brody survive in The Walking Dead?

Brody is the only member of Erickson’s boarding school to appear in an episode. Brody is the first member of Erickson’s boarding school to die in season four. He is also the first living character to die in the season, the first named character to die, and the first character to be resurrected and shot dead in season 4.

What if Lee leaves with Lilly?

Long story short, when Lee tries to win on their behalf, they’ll see the softer side of Lilly. On the contrary, if they go against her, she will continue to act tough and fight for what she believes is best for the group.

Is Lilly still killing Carly?

Ironically, even though Lee is against him, he still treats Lee like someone who helps people. However, Lilly shoots and kills Carly on the spot, much to everyone’s shock. After Carly’s death, Lee keeps her gun in her memory.

What happens to Lilly in The Walking Dead?

Lilly is the last character in the series to die in prison. Since his death was not confirmed until the episode he appeared in, Lilly never received any tributes from Talking Dead.

What led Lilly to murder Carley?

Despite everything, Carley calls Lilly a “paranoid, fearful, little girl,” which makes Lilly think that Carley is the traitor. As a result, Lilly kills Carley in the face as she turns to face her after witnessing Kenny kill the walker pinned beneath the RV.

In the video game The Walking Dead, can you save Hershel’s son?

Yes, Shawn cannot be saved. Whatever you choose to do, the result will always be the same. You can alter your connection with Kenny depending on your decisions and how you handle Hershel in the aftermath, but he will always offer to drive you to Macon.

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