What Happens If You Say Siri 112?

What happens when you tell Siri 112?

If you are from Europe, you know that 112 is the abbreviated number for emergency calls. Even if you’re in the US and traveling with your iPhone, dialing 112 in a difficult situation that requires dual assistance will have Siri call 911 on your behalf.

What happens if you say “17” to Siri?

Likewise, saying 17 in the US will do the same thing, since in many other countries it is an emergency number. … Example: Siri will automatically dial 911 if you say 14, since this is the emergency number in Algeria, some African countries, etc.

What does Siri do when you say “14”?

Siri displays a message explaining that in some places this number is used to contact emergency services. Siri then confirms whether you want to dial 14, 03, or even 911. …When Siri makes an emergency call, you have to have three seconds to press Cancel before it’s accepted.

What happens if you enter 112 by mistake?

When 911 calls or even 112 and 999 emergency calls are made and not completed, dispatchers sound the alarm. They will try to confirm the situation by calling back.

What happens when you say Siri 102?

Siri is not a genius. …he will also see an emergency call request if he asks Siri to enter “phone 101”, but if he says “phone 102”, he will see that Siri is only trying to dial 102, which results in an error. However, if she says “Phone 110”, she will again receive an emergency call.

What does the number 14 mean to Siri?

If you haven’t tried it yet, tell Siri 14 on your iPhone to call emergency services. You have three seconds to cancel the call. So if you really need help, you can leave it enabled. If you have tried and you don’t need it, you can cancel the call.

What happens if you say “112” to Siri?

112 is the European equivalent of 911. So if someone from Europe is in the US and asks Siri to call 112, Siri will know there’s an emergency and will automatically call 911 at home.

What happens if you tell Siri 000?

What happens when you tell Siri 000? If you really need emergency services, you can say 000 to Siri or just say “Call 911.” Siri then gives you a five-second countdown and the ability to cancel or call sooner.