What Does Uncommunicated Mean?

What do you mean unreported?

1: not informed: not informed and not informed. 2: not informed.

Hasn’t a word been announced?

Adjective. An unspoken and unrevealed secret. The unedited part of your story may point in a different direction.

What does narky mean in slang?

bad in english

(ˈNɑːkɪ) adjective Verb forms: narkier or narkiest. Jargon. irritable, whiny, or sarcastic. collins english dictionary

What does mom mean in slang?

Adjective. casual English. It gives the impression of a boring old-fashioned or vintage decoration. More example sentences. she wore a big mummy dress

What is another word for incompetence?

Non-communicative synonyms from WordHippo Thesaurus.

How else can you communicate?

reserved reticent
silent taciturn
close retiring
shy secretive
tight-lipped guarded

What does not contagious mean?

: non-contagious: non-contagious diseases that are not transmitted by direct or indirect contact.

Is Narc the snitch?

informant informant. Act as an informer. Giving information to a government agency about a crime or misdemeanor committed by (someone) About: He was caught selling drugs because his roommate was abusing him.

Is NARC a bad word?

The word “narcissist” is slang for a law enforcement officer, federal agent, or police officer who specializes in illegal drug laws. Narc is also sometimes used to refer to a police informer, a person who secretly passes inside information to the police and informs others involved in illegal activities.

How can I look like a smaller mom?

Top 7 tips not to do

  1. Avoid completely outdated clothing, for example. Cowboy boots. …
  2. Avoid anything obviously bodenese, for example. Aline printed skirt. …
  3. Never wear flat shoes with dresses or skirts, except long skirts and dresses.

What does mom mean?

Surname. momsy (plural moms) (US, childish, informal) mother mother.

What does silence mean?

taciturn, taciturn, content, taciturn, secret half of restraint in speech. Silence implies the habit of not saying more than is necessary. Loud, silent silence suggests a capricious reluctance to speak and usually signifies antisociality. 5 days ago

What’s another word for reserved?

Some common synonyms for discreet are: discreet, discreet, quiet, and taciturn.