What Does Mug Mean?

What does cup mean?

A cup is an informal container for drinking coffee or tea, as opposed to, say, a porcelain or espresso cup. Informally, an erysipelas is a face: thus, a photograph of a prisoner is a photograph of his face immediately after arrest.

What does cup mean in jargon?

cup in english

(mʌɡ) 1. colloquial speech. the person’s face or mouth. Get your ugly face out of here!

What does a cup in knowledge mean?

There are two different meanings of the word circle associated with the use of this phrase. To attack someone means to take something from someone by force. In this context, taking someone to the street is out of respect/trust. to be put in the mouth is to be tricked or used by someone.

What does a cup mean in the UK?

Cup Name [C] (DUMM)

Casual Britain. a stupid person who is easily fooled: he is such an idiot that he believes everything she tells him.

What does it mean when a girl is dumb?

Cup is London slang, cockney I suppose. as it is primarily used by Londoners and Essex residents. means a foolish and gullible person. someone who is easy to take advantage of.

Why is a mug an insult?

When you say that someone is an idiot, you mean that they are stupid and easily fooled by others.

What does turn mean?

British intransitive verb. : study a lot (for example for an exam)

What does life mean in a cup?

What is life in a circle? Mug Life uses the latest computer vision to instantly create stunning photorealistic clones of friends, family and celebrities. They don’t have to be technical or artistic.

Why is the face called a bowl?

It most likely comes from mugg, a Scandinavian word for a drinking vessel. In the 17th and 18th centuries, cups were often decorated with caricatures of human faces. This may have led to the cup becoming synonymous with an ugly face.

Does the cup mean face?

Informally, an erysipelas is a face: thus a photograph of a prisoner is a photograph of his face immediately after arrest. If it is a verb, mug means to rob someone by threatening violence. This meaning comes from an earlier definition of punching someone in the face (or cup).

What does taken from the cup mean?

A stupid or incompetent person, a fool or a simpleton, a gullible person, a swindler. . . . Cup game, ungrateful occupation, useless occupation, meaningless or profitless. Being mistaken for an idiot more often than not means that you are considered too gullible. 06