What Can We Say Instead Of Said?

What can we say instead of saying?

272 words you can use instead of speaking

accused corrected lamented
argued demurred mumbled
asked denied murmured
asserted described mused
assured disagreed muttered

What can I say instead of saying?

“Said” alternatives that show emotion

  • cheered.
  • cried out.
  • beamed.
  • rejoiced.
  • exclaimed.
  • gushed.
  • yelled.
  • crowed.

How do you avoid using say?

Avoid he said and she said

  1. He said and she said they suffocate when abused.
  2. Use dialog tags only every three or four lines.
  3. Use an action to show who is speaking.
  4. Use dialogue to let your reader know who is speaking.
  5. Final thoughts.

What else can you say?

What more can I say?

speak declare
pronounce state
utter voice
exclaim remark
announce mention

Is it correct to say this is said?

4 answers. What is said and said is common (perhaps too common), perfectly grammatical and also quite formal. This is also true, but for it to be true, the subject below must be the person who said it (usually me).

Where do we use said?

it says Add to share list. The word dit is the past tense of the verb to say, but it can also be used as an adjective to refer to something that has been previously introduced. Although dit is more often used in the past tense than the verb dire, its use as an adjective occurs primarily in legal and business writing.

Where do you put say in a sentence?

This is an example sentence

  • He said something, then continued. …
  • This is good! Dorothy said. …
  • Good night, he said cheerfully. …
  • You’d say it’s crazy. …
  • Alex didn’t say anything, his stoic face giving no idea what he was doing. …
  • He later said with a smile that revealed a dimple under one eye.

By the way, is that rude?

Abbreviation for by the way. By the way, I am 43 years old. By the way, you are very rude. … Find other words with the same meaning: abbreviations (list). twenty-one

Is there a better word than why?

Find another word for “why.” On this page you will find 39 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and words related to the word how things happen.

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