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Synopsis: This five-episode miniseries tells the story of a gang of children hunting ghosts while reading a book written by one of their grandparents when one of the family members enters a haunted house. This house is not just a book, it is full of mysteries because it is haunted by ghosts.

Angle of Terror is very well integrated into the flow of the story, as it gives you a ghostly leap with sustained tension. Palomi Ghosh, Purab Kohli, Jisshu Sengupta and most importantly all the guys along with the rest of the cast did a great job in their role. This series has everything you could want and adds a touch of childlike innocence to the overall viewing experience.

It has so many elements and with director and screenwriter Sujoy Ghosh brilliant in his directing skills and Suresh Nair as co-writer, the team is able to captivate audiences. Let’s just say it’s a must-see part of the series, except for the climax, which is pretty mundane, but the overall impact is so great that it’s easy to miss.

Typewriter Plot

The story follows a group of schoolchildren Samira (Sharma), Satyajit (Gandhi), and Devraj (Kamble) who live in Bardez, Goa. Curious friends form a ghost club and decide to find the ghost in the old haunted house next door as their first mission. His curiosity stems from an old story about an old man who died while writing a novel called The Ghost of Sultanpore. But before the children discover the ghost, a new family moves in and the legend of the village resurfaces in an eerie way. The story revolves around the mystery of the title’s typewriter, which bears a grudge against those who try to take it from the house. This is further complicated by the narrative of the former residents as the story jumps from decade to decade. Sudden deaths, Sultanpore’s past, and unnatural forces are also plot points in the web series.

Typewriter Review

The story was similar to the Indian version of Stranger Things, but not in plot. As for the big picture, including the role of the children and the role of their parents, where each side knows a small part of the story, and the audience learns the whole story in some parts little by little and in many more. The acting could have been better due to the lack of feeling throughout the series, but the overall plot was new, different, and quite interesting, but also predictable. Bad sound effects. There were also some shortcomings like the romance part, the role of the eldest daughter, and many other things that didn’t even make sense between scenes, although you certainly expect that from an Indian series. You may think it’s boring in the first episode, but from the third episode and half of the second, you will like it for sure.

The first episode makes you feel like you’re slowly building a foundation and sparks interest in some characters, especially the kids on the show performed much better than some of the older actors. As usual, at the end of each episode, we want to move on to the next episode. The second and third episodes are very similar, as the story slowly revolves around the ghost, giving it some creepy moments. The series gradually turns into a mystery and becomes more exciting than horror. The fourth and fifth episodes are like the season finale episodes where all the mysteries are revealed and most of the mysteries are very predictable even to a first time viewer. The last episode causes general enthusiasm, but does not give anything serious.

Few characters, like Dr. The Spirit and Jenny’s husband, were simply placed or unnecessary. Some of the best characters are Sam, Bunty and another kid. The result is another horror story for children. Do not expect much. It was a good thriller, not a very good horror movie, but it was worth seeing once. Children were overrated for being so smart because their actions didn’t seem to reflect that. The ending definitely alludes to the second season.

The ending of the typewriter explained

Sam wakes up from a dream in which he is reading a Madhav Matthews novel. Location: Sultanpur, 1950. Charu has been shown to have paranormal powers and helps put a sick old man to sleep and explains her paranormal powers to her young son. While reading the book, Sam is attacked by a Jenny-like genie who rips out his heart. It’s more of a thriller than a horror, watchable. But you should not prepare for such an unfinished ending. I would say someone who wants to understand the plot better is waiting for season 2 and watching season 1 and 2 together. You will have better fun. I hope season 2 is just around the corner, the ratings are so long!

Typewriter Trailer Explained

In the trailer, Typewriter stands out the most when it comes to featuring cute characters and a gripping story that is compelling from start to finish. But some ordinary, less-than-impressive moments and lackluster sound design overshadow a fun and worthy series.