Tiktok Nnn Meaning Explained Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Halloween is over and November has officially arrived. In January, a new global acronym was spotted on TikTok and it confused everyone.

What exactly does NNN mean? Let’s take a look at the November trend.

TikTok NNN Meaning Explained

NNN is an acronym for Nutless November.

This phrase appears every year when the annual internet trend appears.

On Twitter, a brand account based on the character of Mr. Peanuts, the planter’s pecan mascot, posted jokes about literal interpretations of November without “nuts.” Mr. Peanuts seems to have some trends in mind for November as he visits Movember as well. Mr. Peanuts says “Say Yes to Peanuts!”

What is November Nuts?

If you’re not familiar with the viral challenge, “Nutless November” has become a popular trend appearing on social media throughout the year without exception.

This is abstinence and people are prohibited from having sexual orgasms, masturbating or masturbating during the month of November.

This trend first appeared in 2010, but its popularity increased significantly in 2017 when it rose to the top of the charts.

Whether anyone actually visits No Nut November remains questionable, but there’s plenty to laugh about on social media.

Destroy D*ck December Explained

Another viral trend on the internet is that November’s No Nut album is followed by December’s Destroy D*ck.

It is the exact opposite of No Nut November, encouraging people who have been sober through November to indulge in exorbitant sexual activity during the holiday season.

Starting December 1, the goal is for you to have an orgasm every day on that date. Example: December 1 = once, December 28 = 28 times.