Tennis Krishna Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Tennis Krishna is a Kannada Indian popular actor, singer and comedian. Krishna has been in business since 1990. Krishna works in film, television, music, is a singer and much more. He is best known for starring in the 1994 film Appa Nanjappa Maga Gunjappa.

He is well known in the industry for his mannerisms and distinctive voice. He mainly plays comedic roles and since he is also a tennis coach, he was given the name Tennis Krishna. His comedic roles are the main reason for his fame.

Full Name Tennis Krishna
Net Worth $1 Million
Date of Birth 05 February 1961
Age 60 Years
Birth Place Karnataka, India
Profession Actor, Singer and Comedian
Nationality Indian
Hometown Karnataka
Zodiac Sign Leo
School Karnataka Public School, Karnataka, India
Education Qualification High School

Tennis Krishna Wiki/Biography

Tennis Krishna, born February 5, 1961, will turn 60 on February 6, 2021. He was born and raised in Karnataka, India. Tennis is Indian by nationality and believes in the Hindu religion. Krishna was educated at the Karnataka State School.

He never went to college and focused solely on acting. From the beginning of her school days, she became more interested in sports and other extracurricular activities like singing and acting. Devoting more time to sports than to studies, she wanted to do something in the entertainment industry.

family, girlfriend and relationship

Tennis Krishna’s father’s name is Mr. Shamanna Kengal Hanumantai, a famous tennis coach at the YMCA stadium, and his mother, Mrs. Hanumantai, is a housewife.

Marital status Tennis Krishna is married. He is married to a local girl from Karnataka state, currently living happily with his children in Karnataka state.

Physical Appearance

Tennis Krishna is a good young player in the Kannada industry. Krishna is known for his bold personality. Krishna has a beautiful body and style that is admired by his fans.

Krishna also has a muscular build with 14-inch biceps. Krishna’s height is about 5 feet 4 inches and her weight is about 84 kg. Krishna also has a constantly changing mustache style.


Tennis Krishna began his acting career in Indian theaters. Some of his major works include movies, his own songs, and his work on television series. All the movies he worked on were in Kannada. In 1990 he starred in Raja Kempu Roy. &nbsp&nbsp

In 1991 he starred in a movie called Meese Hotta Gandasige Demandappu Demandu. In 1992, she starred in 5 movies titled Jeevana Chaitra, Tarle Nan Maga, Chikkejamanru, Bombat Hendty, and Kaliyuga Site.

In 1994, he worked in a movie called Appa Nanjappa Maga Gunjappa, which was his first major role in a movie. In 1995 she starred in the films Gadibid Ala and Mojugara Sogasugara. In 1997, she starred in 2 movies titled Ee Hrudaya Ninagaagi and Cheluva.

In 1998 he starred in 3 films: Kaurava, Tutta Mutta and Prietsod Tappa. In 1999, she worked in 2 films under the names “Nannasya Kopyta” and “Patela”. In 2000, she again starred in 2 movies called Khiladi and Surappa. In 2001, she starred in the movie Diggajaru.

In 2002, she starred in 4 movies titled Yaarige Beda Duddu!, Neela Megha Shyama, Makeup, and Thuntata. In the same year she also sings the songs “Yaarige Beda Duddu!” and “Nila Megha Shyama”. In 2004, she starred in the movie Durgi. In 2005, she again starred in 4 movies titled Maharaja, Anna Tangi, News and Sirichandana.

In 2006, he starred in 3 movies titled Nidhi, Hettawara Kanasu, and Romeo’s Road. In 2007, she starred in two films, “Parody” and “Lava Kush”. In 2008, she starred in the movie Mast Maja Maadi. In 2009, she starred in two movies titled Veera Madakari and Chickpete Sachagalu. In 2009, she performed the song “Madakari Fans”. &nbsp

In 2010 he starred in 2 movies titled “Idre Gopi Bidre Papi” and “Onti Mane”. In 2011, she starred in 8 movies titled 5 Idiots, Uyala, Gavipura, Kanchana, Thare, Putra, Namitha I Love You, and Shri Naga Shakti.

In 2012, he starred in two movies: Hara and Bhagwanta Kai Kotta. In 2013 she starred in the film “Bulbul” and in 2014 in “Ekkasak”. In 2015 she starred in two movies called Ond Chance Kodi and Uppi 2. In 2016 she starred in a movie called John Jani Janardhan. In 2018, she appeared on the Comedy Khiladi TV Championship.

facts and information

Tennis Krishna songs are available and popular on major music platforms like YouTube, Spotify, YouTube Music, Gaana, JioSaavan and Hungama.

In the film “Jeevanchaitra” he worked with the legendary star of the film industry, Dr. Robbie. Rajkumar, together.

Krishna Tennis with Rekha Das

Tennis Krishna says that he prefers playing on the court rather than staying at home. Also, he likes to keep himself busy.