Steve Banerjee Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Somen “Steve” Banerjee was a Native American businessman. He is best known as the founder of the all-male striptease group Chippendales. However, there have been many dramatic turns in his life, including the murder of his own partner and then his suicide. Steve Banerjee’s net worth is unknown and verifiable.

Full Name Somen “Steve” Banerjee
Birth Date October 8, 1946
Birth Place Mumbai, India
Profession Entrepreneur
Relationship Status N/A
Net Worth Under Review

Early Life

Somen Banerjee was born on October 8, 1946 in Bombay, India. Nothing else is known of his early childhood, upbringing and family details.

Steve Banerjee Net Worth and Career

Early in his career, Steve decided to open a Mobil service station, which he ran for several years. At that time, he also participated in the creation of a backgammon club, which later went bankrupt. Despite this, he saved some capital and decided to buy the Los Angeles Destiny II club, which was on the verge of bankruptcy.

She decided to do it at a nightclub that featured women’s mud wrestling and an all-women exotic dance party. But Steve then decided to adopt what was then a very new idea.

Instead of dancers and strippers, Steve thought of introducing the idea of ​​creating male stripper dance groups aimed at a female audience. The idea was initially considered unfeasible due to the difficulty of recruiting male dancers due to concerns about what he might do to his reputation and image if accepted.

However, over time, the idea caught on and more and more women took part in the show. To train dancers, she decided to partner with Nick De Noya, an award-winning producer.

Personal Life

The Chippendales idea has become a household name in the nightclub industry. But as the popularity of the business grew, Steve increasingly saw Nick as a rival and a threat to the empire he was building.

Then Steve did the unthinkable, deciding to hire a hitman to kill Nick. Nick was killed and it was later revealed that he intended to kill some of the choreographers and dancers that he saw as a threat.

He was later convicted of various crimes, including conspiracy to kill. He was later sentenced to a long prison term. Many knew that Steve was deeply depressed after hearing this, but few knew the extent of it when he decided to take his own life on October 23, 1994.

He was married to Irene Banerjee, but she divorced him the same year he committed suicide. Since then, the story of Steve Banarjee has been repeatedly covered by the media, including in the movie “Murder in Chippendale”, released in 2000.

Steve Banerjee net worth

As of 2021, Steve Banerjee’s net worth is still under review. Chippendales was an innovative idea as Steve was the first to launch such a service. At the height of his popularity, when he was in power, they sold a million copies of his calendars every year.

Additionally, they made a weekly profit of $25,000 from this deal, helping the company generate over $8 million in revenue. However, his subsequent disappearance would have plunged the company’s revenue, and Steve’s share of the sales would also be reduced to zero after the verdict.

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  1. Somen “Steve” Banerjee was an entrepreneur of Indian descent from the United States. Chippendales, a male strip dance troupe, was founded by him. His life, on the other hand, would take many dramatic turns, including the murder of his partners and, eventually, his suicide. The net worth of Steve Banerjee is unknown and under investigation.

    Steve Banerjee’s Salary and Net Worth

    Steve opted early on in his career to open a Mobil gas station, which he ran for several years. He was also involved in the formation of a backgammon club at the time, which would subsequently fail. Nonetheless, he had saved enough money to purchase a club in Los Angeles called Destiny II, which was on the verge of bankruptcy.

    Private Life

    Chippendales was quickly becoming a household name in the nightclub industry. But as the company grew in popularity, Steve began to see Nick as a competitor and a threat to the empire he was establishing. This is when Steve decided to do the unimaginable and hire a hitman to murder Nick.

    Nick was killed, and it was later discovered that he had planned to assassinate some of the choreographers and dancers who he perceived as a threat. He was later found guilty of multiple offenses, including murder plots. As a result, he received a lengthy prison sentence. Many people were aware that Steve was depressed.


    Additionally, they were making a weekly profit of $25,000 from this corporation, allowing them to earn more than $8 million. However, following his demise, the company’s sales would plunge, and Steve’s part of the profits would plummet as well, eventually reaching zero following his jail sentence.

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