What Do You Know About The Fictional Character Satoru Gojo?

Satoru Gojo is one of the best-known protagonists of Jujutsu Kaisen. He is a special level Jiu-Jitsu magician and teacher at Tokyo Jiu-Jitsu High School.

He is generally considered casual and jovial with students, close colleagues, and friends of his. Satoru is a complex person. However, he is obnoxious and cruel to magical paintings, exemplified by his seeming lack of respect for Headmaster Gakuganji and his enemies.

How old is Saturo Gojo? He was born in Split, Croatia on December 7, 1989. Saturo Gojo is 32 years old. Saturo lives in Split, Croatia. He is 1.90 m (6 ft 3 in) tall and weighs around 84 kg (185.19 lbs). By profession, he is a Jujutsu Sorcerer. 

Name Satoru Gojo
Series Jujutsu Kaisen
Profession Jujutsu Sorcerer.
Age (as of June 2022) 32 years old
Famous as Strongest sorcerer on the planet
Birthplace Split, Croatia
Birthdate December 7, 1989
Height 6ft 3in
Weight 84 kg
Hair Color White
Eye color Light blue
Relatives Yuta Okkotsu (Distant Relative)

Michizane Sugawara (Ancestor)

Satoru Gojo’s Height and Weight

How tall is Satoru Gojo? Saturo is 6ft 3 in or 190 cm or 1.90 m tall. He weighs around 84 kg or 185.19 lbs. 

Satoru Gojo’s Abilities and Powers

General Skill Level:

Known as the most powerful caster in the series, Satoru wields vast amounts of cursed energy and dangerously powerful techniques, even among special-level spell casters.

Master Hand-to-Hand Fighter:

In addition to his overwhelming cursed energy, Satoru is also an incredibly formidable Master Hand-to-Hand Fighter, with exceptional physical abilities to prove his abilities.

Immense Speed ​​and Reflexes:

Satoru is an extremely fast fighter, able to move faster than he appears.

Tactical Intelligence:

Gojo is quite tactical, able to understand his opponent’s plan with minimal information. He has also shown himself to be extremely adaptable to any enemy he has faced thus far, knowing exactly what to do to counter his methods and finding ways to defeat them.

Immense Strength:

He was also able to rip Jogo’s head off and then his arm with sheer physical force, and even managed to accidentally rip off Hanami’s roots. He could casually tear transformed people apart and rip them apart.

Satoru Gojo’s Age & Early life

Where was Satoru Gojo born? He was born in Split, Croatia on December 7, 1989. As of June 2022, Saturo is 32 years old. He was a member of the Gojo family and the first person to inherit both the Limitless and the Six Eyes in four hundred years. 

Satoru Gojo’s Personality

Satoru is a complex person. He is obnoxious and cruel to magical paintings, exemplified by his apparent lack of respect for Principal Gakuganji and his enemies. He is also very arrogant, heavily influenced by his lust for power. During intense battles, Satoru can sometimes be seen falling into a state of frenzied combat, fueled by his determination to achieve victory and irrefutable proof that only he is the strongest.

Saturo Gojo’s fighting style is characterized by aggressive and dominating attacks while showing off his mastered techniques to his opponents. Moreover, he can be cold-blooded in a crisis. He will prioritize destroying his enemies over saving innocent people when he feels casualties are inevitable.

After defeating Touji, Satoru took Rikou’s corpse with a sad expression, showing that while his recent dominant victory had temporarily clouded his feelings, he still felt some pain from her death. He attempted to kill the Star Religious members who laughed at Riko’s death but was stopped before he could do anything by Suguru Geto, who he trusted at the time as his moral compass. Also, Satoru was later visibly terrified and panicked when he learned that Suguru, his only best friend, was using a Killing Curse.

Satoru’s ultimate goal is to reform the world of jiu-jitsu from the ground up through education. He wants to train a new generation of wizards that he hopes will one day be his equal.

Satoru Gojo Overview

  1. Gojo ranked third in the first manga character popularity poll with 16,923 votes.
  2. He started eating sweets to stimulate his brain but ended up having a sweet tooth.
  3. As trainees, both Satoru and Suguru were considered “the strongest”, able to get the job done quickly as skilled and powerful users of curses.

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  1. Satoru Gojo is a prominent character in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is a special-grade jujutsu sorcerer who is commonly regarded as the world’s strongest. Satoru is the Gojo Family’s pride and joy, the first person in 400 years to inherit both the Limitless and the Six Eyes. He is a teacher at Tokyo Jujutsu High School, and he uses his power to protect and train strong young allies.


    Satoru is a tall man in his late twenties with a slender physique who is deemed handsome due to his facial features. His Six Eyes are a brilliant blue color and he has snow-white hair. Satoru will wear sunglasses and let his hair down to the base of his neck for a more casual image. Satoru’s business attire consists of a dark blue zip-up jacket with a high, broad collar. He’s dressed in black dress boots and slim-fit black slacks. Satoru used to wear bandages over his eyes before converting to a simple blindfold.


    Satoru is a complicated person. He is known for being laid-back and humorous with his students, coworkers, and friends. However, he is ruthless and insensitive to sorcerer executives, as evidenced by his open disregard for Principal Gakuganji and his opponents. His opinions of others are frequently limited to his assessment of their strength, and he is apathetic about anyone he considers weak. He believes he is the strongest person on the planet, which he is, saying “throughout the Heavens” during his fight with Toji Ishiguro.


    Satoru’s talents dramatically improved after he realized and perfected his abilities, to the point that he was able to put Toji Fushiguro on the defense and kill him with his greatest technique, whereas before he and Geto were no match for the legendary Sorcerer Killer. As he became stronger, he surpassed Suguru’s power to the point where Suguru realized Satoru had become the strongest on his own. Suguru also claimed that Satoru was capable of murdering all of humanity by himself, which he recognized was beyond his abilities, and that he didn’t even try to fight back when Satoru was about to kill him, despite Satoru eventually killing him.


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