Paul Van Doren Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

                                                    Paul Van Doren was an American businessman and businessman. He is best known as one of the founders of the famous Vans shoe brand. Paul Van Doren Net Worth is currently unavailable and under review.
Full Name Paul Van Doren
Date of Birth June 12, 1930
Born Place Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Wife Married (name- not available)
Profession Businessman
Net Worth Under Review

Early Life

Paul Van Doren was born on June 12, 1930, in Boston, Massachusetts, the son of Johnson and Rena Van Doren. Paul’s father was an inventor and his mother his seamstress. He also had a brother named James Van Doren who was one of the co-founders of Vans. He led the company from 1976 to 1984. He died at the age of 72 years.

At 14, Paul dropped out of school in the eighth grade. He was interested in horses from an early age and went to the racetracks every day.

Net worth and career of Paul Van Doren

Paul, his brother James and two of their friends founded the famous skateboard brand. The plant at 704 East Broadway in Anaheim took nearly a year to build. The first Vans store opened in 1966. On the first day, 12 shoppers bought the famous shoes.

In the late 1970s, Vans had about 70 stores in California. His shoes are part of the daily dress code for skaters, surfers and snowboarders. Ten years later, his retail business expanded into basketball and breakdancing shoes.

Paul ran the business until 1976, when his brother James took over. 1988 Verkauften Paul und Gordon C. Lee das Unternehmen Vans for etwa 75 Millionen US-Dollar and die Bankfirma McCown De Leeuw & Co. 1991 Wurde das Unternehmen in Vans, Inc. umbenannt und ging an der NASDAQ für 14 US-Dollar pro Aktie uno exchange.

The company is currently owned by VF, which also owns the Supreme and The North Face skateboard brands. Today, there are more than 300 Vans stores worldwide, selling in 97 countries.

Just two weeks ago, Van Doren published his autobiography Authentic: A Memoir by Vans Founder on Amazon. The biography describes his life, the growth of the company and how the company managed to distinguish itself from the competition of the time.

The personal life of Paul Van Doren

It is with a heavy heart that Vans announces the passing of our co-founder Paul Van Doren. Paul wasn’t just an entrepreneur, he was an innovator. We send our love and strength to the Van Doren family and the countless members of the Vance family who have brought Paul’s legacy to life.

— Vans (@VANS_66)

Paul was married with five children: Paul Jr., Steve, Cheryl, Tuffy, and Janie. Steve became Vice President of Vans Events and Promotions at Vans and Cherley served as Vice President of Human Resources for several years.

On May 6, 2021, Van Doren died at the age of 90. The cause of his death is still unknown.

Paul Van Doren Net Worth

Paul Van Doren’s personal property is currently unavailable and under review. However, according to our estimates, it will be between 50 and 100 million dollars.