Nocturne Ending And Plot Explained Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Nocturne is a beautifully constructed film and a wonderful story that really challenges attraction thoughts, fears and fears of getting out of your comfort zone. Kronert and Robinson are excellent in their roles.

To understand the plot and ending of Nocturne, let’s dive into the ocean of horror. Horror movies have always had a huge following and people love to watch beautiful and scary stories especially at night. Nocturne is Zu Kvirke’s debut movie and horror film of 2020. Since its release on Amazon Prime Videos, the movie has received a lot of attention and attention. You should watch the movie if you haven’t already. Because there will be many spoilers in this article which may spoil the impression of enjoying this horror story.

The story revolves around the Lowe sisters, who study at a prestigious music school. One sister is a child prodigy and outshines the other. She develops an inferiority complex towards her brilliant sister. Her life changes when a college student commits suicide. Soon, strange and disturbing events begin to happen to the sisters. Viewers must decide if they consider the film to be a supernatural horror film in which paranormal activity is the cause of dark events. The plot can be interpreted as a psychological horror, in which mental illness is to blame. Don’t worry, we’ll break down the plot together and share our thoughts on Nocturne’s ending.

The action of the night explained

The girl plays the violin until the grandfather clock rings and she jumps off the balcony. However, Vivian is a talented musician and she has already enrolled in a private school to further her education. Juliet has to take a gap year because she can’t keep up with her sister’s talent. A rumor soon arrives that Moira, a student at the school, has committed suicide. Moira is the same girl we saw in the first scene. Due to her death, the school has an opening for a storefront. Both sisters requested auditions. Juliet comes across Moira’s notebook. Includes music theory and some disturbing satanic skits. She also plays the song. Vivin’s mentor Dr. La Reed joins in and tells Vivan that he is Giuseppe Tartini’s “Devil’s Trill”.

Juliet falls asleep during the audition and wakes up to find out when she woke up. Juliet’s sister auditioned and Juliet passed out. Juliet also takes sedatives. Her teachers are accused of failing her audition. This makes him angry. He hits Juliet as well, resulting in suspension. Dr. Bochka agrees that the sisters are technically the same but cannot match Vivian’s passion. Vivian is upset that Max and Julia are at a secret party together and she starts an argument. Seeing them argue, Juliet runs off and Vivian follows her. Seeing a blinding flash of light, Juliet suddenly stops. However, Vivian doesn’t see the light and she falls off a cliff. Her arm was broken in the fall, which could have caused serious injury and even permanent damage to her music career. Vivian is also replaced by Juliet.

We also see that Juliet is intrigued by the notebook and begins to see satanic drawings inside it. They are also very similar to what happens to Juliet. Max shares her experience with her and she tells Max about Vivian’s cheating that led to her breakup. Juliet also had intimate moments with Max. At the Lane sisters’ birthday party, Bochka closes the cake and runs away. These actions lead Dr. Bochka to invite Juliet to her house, where she kisses her and he rebuffs her advances. Juliet is furious and reveals that she is aware of her sister’s relationship. She also throws the prestigious award into the fire at her.

Juliet returns home and finds similarities between the satanic drawings and all the recent events. The last page of her notebook was missing, which worried Juliet. Juliet suddenly falls into a trance and begins to draw something. The sketch shows that the next step is sacrifice. Juliet freaks out at the victim’s introduction and then burns her notebook. Juliet tells Vivan that she can never match her skills on the day of the show. Juliet soon has a panic attack and runs out into the yard. She suddenly hallucinates in the auditorium. She also receives praise from her sister and the public. In fact, she fell off the patio and died with an awkward smile. She doesn’t even notice those passing by.

Final evening and explanation of the plot.

There are many theories that these events could be caused by paranormal activity. We didn’t see any satanic creatures in the movie. We knew from the beginning that Juliet suffered from anxiety and inferiority complexes. These events led her to become mentally ill. However, it is possible that the notebook and the events of Yulia’s life are just coincidences. Also, the moving sketches and bright lights were in Juliet’s mind, not reality.

You may be wondering if Juliet had a mental illness. Then the events with Moira, the satanic drawings of her and the artwork on the walls. Moira’s life was not easy. Her mother died and her father committed suicide. These events could have been stressful for Moira and we also learn that she was an introvert. She had to commit suicide because she had no one to talk to. These satanic designs may interest you because many artists create dark and satanic designs that represent depression and loneliness.

Moira was also a similar person to Julia, having dedicated her life to music, but she did not receive the same love and praise as Julia. Your connection to Moira’s spirit. They were all Julia, who unknowingly compared her life to Moira’s and saw all the visions of her. The final scene, when no one has noticed his dead body, can be seen as a metaphor. We all agree that she died smiling because she was satisfied with the hallucinations she experienced before she died. It is invisible, which means no one will notice it. Zu Kvirke used horror and satanic elements to describe sanity.

Cast and crew of Nocturne

  • Sydney Sweeney as Juliette Lowe
  • Madison Isman as Vivian Lowe
  • Jacques Colimon in the role of Max
  • Ivan Shaw in the role of Dr. Enrico Botte
  • Julie Benz as Cassie Lowe
  • Rodney is like Wilkins
  • JoNell Kennedy as Gordon
  • Brandon Keener as David

go out at night

The film was released by Amazon Studios on October 13, 2020, along with Evil Eye, as one of the first four films in the 8-film Welcome to Blumhouse anthology.