Nirav Toila Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

                                                    Nirav Tolia is an Indian-American businessman best known as the founder of Nextdoor. He previously founded Epinions and Fanbase. As of 2021, Nirav Tolia's net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.
Full Name Nirav Tolia
Birth Date 1973 
Birth Place Texas
Profession Entrepreneur
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $50 million

Early Life

Nirava’s parents are Indians. They came to the United States as immigrants and decided to settle in Texas. They were also among the first Indian doctors in the state. In those early years I was part of a community called Odessa, which was a small town, as well as an American Indian community there.

After high school, Nirav entered Stanford. This is where he first got access to technology, because even before the Internet went mainstream, he had a high-speed connection in his bedroom. This was to be the seed with which he would later start his own business when he was introduced to the Usenet in this early Internet age.

Thanks to Usenet, he was able to use what can be linked to today’s Facebook groups.

Net worth and career Nirava Tolia


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While at Stanford, he was also part of an a cappella group, where he began to become an artist. This turned out to be a fun activity for him and since they needed a manager, Nirav was given the opportunity to lead the group. This was his first work experience and it was also successful as it helped increase his income.

The band also won a Grammy for Collegiate A Cappella, which also bolstered their confidence. Around the same time, he met the founders of Yahoo! Given what the employees were looking for at the time, Nirav was a good candidate despite his lack of relevant experience.

He joined the company very early and was the eighth employee. He continued with the company that grew to over 10,000 employees and Yahoo became one of the most recognizable brands of the time. Nirav enjoyed the process of making something out of nothing.

So he decided to explore his own ideas. Among his first ventures, he formed a group called Round Zero, which was a whole community of entrepreneurs. It was a huge success.

He then founded a company called Epinions during the dotcom era of the time. The platform was primarily intended for electronic views of user-generated content. The company fell out of favor when the dot-com epidemic broke out and faced the difficult process of laying off employees.

However, the company managed to bounce back from an initial public offering when eBay bought the company a year later for a whopping $620 million.

Personal Life

Nirav is married to his wife Mega. Together they have three children. Because they both had high-responsibility jobs, they talked a lot about their careers. Looking at their careers, they felt that if they continued to work this way, they would never see their children grow up.

So the couple made the bold decision to take a gap year in Florence to spend time with their children.

Equities Nirava Tolia

As of 2021, Nirav Tolia’s net worth is estimated at $50 million. Most of their income comes from Nextdoor.