Michael Polansky Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Michael Polanski is an American businessman and investor. He is the CEO of the Parker Group. Michael took to the stage after being introduced as Lady Gaga’s new boyfriend. As of 2021, Michael Polanski’s net worth is approximately $600 million.

Full Name Michael Polansky
Age 43
Birth Place United States
Profession Entrepreneur and Investor
Girlfriend Lady Gaga
Net Worth $600 million

Early life

Michael Polanski was born in the United States. His actual date of birth is still missing. However, sources revealed that he is currently 43 years old. Michael graduated from Harvard University in 2006 with a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science.

After graduation, Michael had a brief job at various companies. In 2009, he befriended Facebook co-founder Sean Parker and founded The Parker Group. He currently serves as CEO of the company.

Michael Polanski’s Net Worth and Career

A year later, Polanski and Sean Parker founded the Parker Foundation. Through the company, they work for various charities. While working for a charity, he went on to work for other business ventures. In 2010 he joined the private equity and venture capital firm Founders Fund. He worked at the company for two years.

In 2013, he began working as a managing partner at the venture capital investment firm Parting Ventures. He was also a co-founder and board member of numerous companies including ArsenalBio, Economic Innovation Group, Able, and Wishbone.org.

Polanski founded the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy in 2016. He still leads the institute as a member of the board. The Institute offers sponsorships for cancer research.

In addition to his professional activities, Michael is known as the new boyfriend of the popular singer Lady Gaga. They first met in April 2016 at the opening of the Parker Cancer Immunotherapy Institute. However, the two did not get along very well at the time.

In December 2019, Michael and Gaga spent a lot of time together at Parker’s birthday party. The party was held at the Parker Mansion in Los Angeles.

Lady Gaga, Michael Polanski’s girlfriend

Michael Polanski is officially dating Lady Gaga. Michael recently gave Gaga a huge bouquet of flowers for her 35th birthday. Gaga immediately shared the photo on her Instagram.

His relationship with Gaga became public after the two were seen spending time with their family during Super Bowl weekend. During the pandemic, they spent enough time together. Gaga also shared some photos with Polanski, letting fans know that she has found a new man in her life.

During the pandemic, Michael worked with Gaga to raise money for frontline workers. They raised funds through the COVID19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Before meeting Lady Gaga, Michael was in a relationship with New York Times editor Lindsey Course. In February 2020, he wrote an article titled “My ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend is Lady Gaga.”

Michael Polanski net worth

Michael Polanski earns a lot of money working for different companies. According to various websites, his net worth is around $600 million.

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  1. Until Lady Gaga entered the picture, there was nothing known about investor Michael Polansky. After Lady Gaga uploaded an Instagram photo of the couple kissing on the balcony of Lady Gage’s Miami estate, the tech entrepreneur became a social media sensation. Polansky has worked with a variety of digital enterprises and non-profit organizations over his career as a software entrepreneur. Instagram photo by @lady gaga Instagram (source) Sean Parker, the co-founder of Facebook, employs Michael Polansky. He is the CEO of Parker Group, a San Francisco-based company that oversees Sean Parker’s various enterprises and interests. He attended Harvard University with Mark Zuckerberg, which is interesting.

    Michael Polansky is Lady Gage’s boyfriend:

    Michael Polansky, a businessman, and philanthropist is dating Lady Gaga, one of the world’s most famous pop performers. Gaga has stated that her boyfriend is her “whole life” and has spoken out in favor of his business endeavors, but fans want to know more about him. Michael Polansky is an entrepreneur. Michael Polansky is an entrepreneur. What is Michael Polansky’s background?

    Michael Polansky, 43, is the Parker Foundation’s co-founder and executive director. According to its website, the organization, which was founded in 2015, supports philanthropy in the areas of life sciences, global public health, civic engagement, and the arts. He also serves on the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy’s board of directors, which funds cancer research. Polansky graduated from Harvard University in 2006.


    Their relationship began in late 2019 according to web sources. Lady Gaga made their relationship public on February 3, 2020, when she uploaded an intimate Instagram photo of herself and Polansky getting cuddly on a vacation. Michael Polansky works for former Facebook CEO Sean Parker, and it’s thought that he first met Lady Gaga at one of Parker’s gatherings a few months ago.

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