Luis Felber Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

                                                    Luis Atahualpa Felber is a British-Peruvian musician known by his stage name Attawalpa. He is the husband of actress and director Lena Dunham. As of 2021, Louis Felber's net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.
Full Name Luis Atahualpa Felber
Birth Date June 9, 1986
Birth Place England
Profession Musician
Relationship Status Married to Lena Dunham
Net Worth $2 million

Early Life

Louis was born on June 9, 1986 in England. His mother is of Peruvian descent, so she gave him the middle name Atahualpa, as it was the name of the last living Inca king. His brother, for his part, also received the second name Tupac, since it was the name of another ruler who remained in present-day Peru.

Felber said that as a child he wasn’t very comfortable opening up to the South American heritage he shares. However, it wasn’t until he grew up that he realized the rich culture present in his culture and claimed to be much more accepting of it.

Louis Felber Net Worth and Career

Felber uses the name Attawalpa in his music and performs as a solo artist. Although he has worked with record labels in the past and claimed to have made a lot of money from them, Felber did not feel that he was in complete control of the music he created.

In an interview he mentioned that there would be some restrictions on the music he could make, so he wanted to make sure the music could accurately reflect the vision Felber had in mind.

Some of his recent releases include the single Yellow Fingers and he has also teamed up with his wife Lena Dunham on many of their video projects to share the love they have on screen.

Personal Life

Louis Felber married in 2021 and the news surprised many because they had not seen each other for a long time. Lena is a successful actress and director, best known for creating and starring in the hit series Girls.

But in reality they got married in a modest marriage, which Lena announced on social networks. Lena also shared some details about the various qualities that attracted her to Felber, including her caring nature and her loving personality.

Unlike many artists who try to maintain a certain image online, Louis Felber mentioned the vulnerabilities he went through in life over the years that he used to keep to himself.

His confessions included mental health issues he had once had and mentioned how depressed he was at times. Music was her salvation, as she became a channel through which she could channel her energy into something creative and meaningful in her life.

Additionally, he said that while some of the music he could compose at the time was rubbish, it would be nice to engage in various activities that increase energy levels, which Felber also recommended to his fans.

The fate of Louis Felber

As of 2021, Louis Felber’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. Felber mentioned how he made a lot of money when he was involved with record companies. Furthermore, he also performs live, which has helped him amass a solid net worth over the years.