Laura Kucera Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Netflix Only Mine is based on a story by Laura Kucera. Only Mine is a murder-stalking-themed thriller. It was released on Netflix on January 15. The film stars famous actors like Amber Midthunder, Brett Zimmerman, and Chris Browning and is directed by Michel Civile.

Despite not being a Netflix original, the film was in high demand. The movie begins with the words “based on a true story”, which makes the audience interested in the true story.

Is Laura Kuchera’s story true or false?

Laura Kuchera’s story is true. Netflix and the movie “Only Mine” claim that the story is based on true events.

But it’s hard to say that the film captures all the details of the crime that rocked the country.

It can be seen that the main character of the film, Julie, was harassed by her ex-boyfriend David. David has proven to be much older than her partner. As we watch the movie, it is revealed that she killed Julie’s police officer friend, which is completely different from what actually happened.

Laura Kuchera Height and Weight

How tall is Laura Kuchera? She is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 65 kg. Her body measurements (chest circumference) are 322832. She also has blue eyes and blonde hair.

Laura Kucera Age

Laura was 20 years old when she was attacked by her ex-partner. She was born on August 17, 1975 in Wakefield, Nebraska.

He is 46 years old in 2021.

Where is Laura Kucera today?

Laura Kucera is buried in her Nebraska hometown at Clarkson Catholic Cemetery in Clarkson, Colfax County.