Kts Dre Wiki Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

                                                    London Sylvester, better known by his stage names KTS Dre and Kutthroat Dreko, was an American rapper. He was brutally murdered and pronounced dead on July 10, 2021 after being released from prison. As of 2021, KTS Dre's equity is still under review.
Real Name Londre Sylvester
Birth Date/ Age April 6, 1990/ 31 years old
Birth Place Chicago, United States
Profession Rapper
Relationship Status Not Available
Net Worth Under Review

Early Life

London Sylvester, also known as KTS Drew, was born on April 6, 1990. Little is known about his early life.


Sylvester took the stage name of KTS Dre and began his career as a rapper. However, only part of his work has received recognition, suggesting that London may have worked elsewhere to support himself. It’s because he didn’t have songs that were big hits that hit the underground scene. Perhaps, if it weren’t for his murder, more people would have known about the songs he produced in the future.

Personal life and death.

On July 10, 2021, London Sylvester died in hospital. He had just been released from the Cook County Jail and his fiancée posted $5,000 bail. However, when he was recently released, two armed men began shooting at him by the dozens. There was also an elderly woman who police confirmed was at 2700 South California Avenue.

Sylvester was fined for breaking an earlier commitment, forcing him to pay $5,000. In April 2020 he was seen with a weapon, which led to his arrest. Additionally, officers determined that Sylvester was on probation for a firearm in 2015. It was Sylvester’s past that dictated the future events that kept him in prison.

Her fiancé recently released her bail, which may have been the source of information used by criminals to plan Sylvester’s murder before her release. Sylvester was also previously under house arrest with a GPS tracking device that allowed him to leave the house for only 4 hours to go to work.

Some suspect that Sylvester had hostile relationships with people from other gangs, as he was also associated with one of them. Although nothing concrete has been made public, this could be cited as the main reason for his murder. In addition, he was shot more than 60 times, showing that those who came to kill him or were sent to kill him came with a sense of revenge and revenge.

KTS Dre net worth

As of 2021, KTS Dre’s equity is still under review. London’s rapping career was still in its infancy and he was still looking for a breakthrough. This, combined with the hefty fees associated with his position in the law, is why we can assume that London’s net worth is only average.