Johnny Ventura Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Juan de Dios Ventura Soriano, better known as Johnny Ventura, was a Dominican singer. He was the leader of the merengue and salsa group. Following his musical career, he was also the deputy mayor of Santo Domingo and then the mayor of Santo Domingo from 1998 to 2002. As of 2021, Johnny Ventura’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $2 million.

Full Name Juan de Dios Ventura Soriano
Birth Date March 8, 1940
Birth Place La Vega, Dominican Republic
Profession Singer and Mayor
Relationship Status Married
Net Worth $2 million

Early Life

Ventura was born on March 8, 1940 in La Vega, Dominican Republic. From an early age he showed interest in singing. When he was only 16 years old, he attended a program called La Voz de la Alegría that was broadcast every week. He sang very well in the show, which took him to first place. He later acted in a program for the faithful called La Voz Dominicana.

Johnny Ventura’s net worth and career

Over the years, Johnny Ventura has started to make a name for himself by appearing on various Dominican media shows. His performance on TV Search for a Star was a great success as he won the first prize there. His consistent and interesting performances led him to join José Arismendi Trujillo Molina. Thanks to them he improved his musical and singing technique and little by little he became one of the best singers in Latin America.

In 1959, he changed his stage name to Johnny Ventura to suit a broader audience. Johnny then began working in the Rondon Votau Orchestra and later became part of drummer Donald Wilde’s band. Johnny worked extensively with Luis Pérez on several hits such as Careful with the Cuaber and La Agarradera. There was a period of his career in which Ventura also worked with Vinicio Franco and Grecia Aquino.

1964 would be a turning point in his career since it was the year that Ventura founded the Combo Show Orchestra, known today as a very important part of Dominican music recognized throughout the world. It was thanks to the Johnny Ventura show that he managed to create his own salsa and merengue orchestra, which is still revered in the Dominican Republic.

During his career, Johnny has won six Latin Grammy Awards. After his musical career, Ventura became politically active and was elected mayor of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.

Personal Life

Johnny Ventura was married to Nelly Josefina Flores de Ventura. The couple had three children with Nelly. Ventura also has four children from other relationships. Johnny Ventura died at the age of 81 in late July 2021, according to Dominican authorities. He had a heart attack that led to his death. & Nbsp

The luck of Johnny Ventura

As of 2021, Johnny Ventura’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. Ventura made most of his fortune from album sales and live performances.