Jimmy Jones Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Jimmy Jones is an American TikToker accused of assaulting a woman who used to cheat on his girlfriend Brianna amid controversy and rumors about the situation that continue to circulate.

Jimmy Jones has almost a million followers on TikTok at the time of this writing. He often posts comedy skits that have millions of followers.

Although he is usually seen giving people something fun to smile about and cheer them up, he has been forced to reveal more about his relationship with his girlfriend Brianna as the drama and accusations start to drag on. He enter Biography section and find out more about Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Net worth, Family, Career and many more facts about Jimmy Jones.

Real Name Jimmy Jones
Age 32 years old (As of 2021)
Birthdate December 31, 1988
Ethnicity Mixed
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Weight 63 Kg
Measurements 44-32-40 inches
Biceps Size 23 inches
Girlfriend Brianna (Ex-Girlfriend)
Net Worth $1.2 million, as of 2021

jimmy jones height and weight

How tall is Jimmy Jones? He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs about 63 pounds. He is also a fitness fanatic. He has blonde hair and light brown eyes.

The Jimmy Jones Era

How old is Jimmy Jones? He was born on December 31, 1988 in North Carolina.

He is 32 years old.

Jimmy Jones Wiki/Biography

jimmy jones girlfriend

Jimmy Jones is currently single.

Jimmy’s drama begins with his ex-girlfriend Brianna, who has around 70,000 followers on Instagram, where her bio claims to own a clothing store. Brianna appeared in Jimmy’s TikTok videos, but stopped appearing after her breakup. In a recent video, Jimmy explained why he ended the relationship and even admitted to being in a relationship.

In the video, Jimmy said that Brianna wanted children and he didn’t, which caused problems between them. “Brianna and I broke up because I changed my mind and didn’t want kids, and she wanted kids anyway,” he explained. “A week later, he found out that I lied about kissing a girl. Kissing, yes, I cheated. I’m a liar. I kissed a girl and slept with her. I spent the night, nothing more.”

Jimmy Jones controversy

Now the woman who tells Jimmy he cheated on Brianna claims to have assaulted her. Jimmy denied the accusations. “Now people are streaming all kinds of other things,” he said in the same video. “Now let me be very frank and clear with you. I have never assaulted, hit or harassed anyone in my entire life. Closing, end of story.

“We broke up because we were on two different sides of a big decision,” he said, adding that he disabled comments to protect Brianna.

“I made a mistake guys. I’m sorry, that’s all I can do. I kissed a girl… but nothing happens except a kiss. I’m a cheater, I made mistakes. I wear this necklace around my neck every day, because there they say “sinner.” Every day I wake up a sinner and pray to be a better person.”

Despite the video, allegations against Jimmy continued to circulate online, prompting Jimmy to join Instagram Live on November 1 to contact them again.

“Things got out of hand,” he said. “People tell all kinds of stories that they don’t know. So, I’m going to pose some questions tonight. In fact, tonight I’m going to talk about everything, just once. That’s it, and then I’m done.”

Although Jimmy said that he would no longer respond to the accusations, if he did not, he could face harsher consequences. For those who watch the drama, it is unclear what will happen between Jimmy and his accuser.