Jaden Michael Net Worth, Age, Height, Relationship Status

Jaden Michael is a young American actor best known for his role in the Netflix series The Descent. Beginning his career as a child actor, Michael also starred in Miracle Amazed and will now star as Colin in Black and White. As of 2021, Jayden Michael’s net worth is estimated to be around $150,000.

Full Name Jaden Michael
Birth Date/ Age October 5, 2003/ 18 years old
Birth Place New York City, United States of America
Profession Actor
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $150,000

Early Life

When she was only two years old, Jayden participated in her first modeling project. Since then, she has continued to be involved in show business in one form or another. As a child, Jayden said that he was never really into sports like football. However, in addition to snowboarding, he loved surfing.

Jayden Michael’s net worth and career


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Jayden was able to get his first acting recognition when he starred in the 2009 film Love Seat. This helped him build his portfolio from a young age, as his experience and acting ability helped him land bigger and better roles as he got older. .

Among these roles was the series The Get Down, released in 2016. Here he played a character named Rafe. Jayden will continue his relationship with Netflix as he was also part of a one-shot called Vampires vs. the Bronx. During this time, he was also a part of The Bug Diaries series.

However, one of his biggest career breakthroughs thus far has been the role of Colin in the highly anticipated television series called Colin in Black and White. This series is expected to be based on former NFL player Colin Kaepernick, also known as an activist who raises the voice of racial inequality in the United States.

Colin is known for taking a knee while playing the national anthem to speak out about the suppression of black lives in the United States. Jayden will play a younger version of Colin in the series.

He deserved the role because Colin himself was one of the show’s producers who cast Jayden to play his younger self. She also had the opportunity to have a Zoom meeting with Colin during the pandemic restrictions with Colin and said the conversation went on much longer as they discussed many topics.

Jayden said she saw Colin even before he was invited to audition for her show. Jayden was particularly impressed with Colin’s courage and willingness to make the business a big deal. He currently he also participates in the film adaptation of the novel “Shelter”, in which he plays the main character.

Jayden Michael height, weight and measurements

Jayden Michael is currently around 6’0″ or 183cm tall and weighs around 68kg or 151lbs. His measurements are not currently available. His hair and eye color are also black.

Personal Life

Jayden is still very young and is currently very focused on his career. He is currently single, but with his good looks he will surely have a lovely girl when he is older.

jayden michaels net worth

As of 2021, Jayden Michael’s net worth is estimated at $150,000. Although Jayden is still a teenager, he was able to earn a good amount of money at a young age and has since landed roles in popular movies and TV series. As a result, we can expect him to deliver even better projects that will help his net worth grow exponentially.