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IT Review

  1. Rotten Tomatoes: 85 %
  2. indian time: 4/5
  3. IMDb: 5/10

IT Audience Overview

TI Audience Review: Definitely one of the best horror movies of all time, but not great. There is not only horror, but also action, humor and drama. It definitely made me experience the mix of emotions throughout the film, which is what makes it so unique. One moment I feel fear, the next moment happiness and then sadness, it’s really incredible.

Each character is carefully crafted with a near perfect cast. I really feel like I’m living these moments myself, like I’m there. The Losers Club shows such development, they overcome difficulties together and are true friends.

Pennywise is without a doubt one of the most unique clowns of all time. I’ve heard of killer clowns, but nothing like that. Pennywise is really what you see in your worst nightmares and I like that about him. Pennywise is no ordinary serial killer and scary monster.

It’s nice to see how they added the simple side parts to the story that add so much to its life as a whole. Beverly’s father, Eddie’s mother, Bill’s brother, Ben’s feelings, Richie’s sexuality and more. This is the kind of movie you want to immerse yourself in. Every detail is extremely important to the whole story. Stephen King is without a doubt one of the most talented writers.

In Conclusion

This one (2017) is a huge improvement and avoids watering down like other terrible TV adaptations. While it doesn’t have the same level of quality as “The Shining”, “Stay with Me” or “The Green Mile”, but compared to “The Dark Tower” released last month, it’s pretty cool.

It’s not the scariest movie I’ve seen this year, as the biggest problem is the noisy scars that seem to be repetitive and kill all the creepy moments. Not to say it doesn’t exist, I just wish it wasn’t too traditional a horror.

I love how brutal and purple it is. I was especially surprised early on by how far it all went. There is no age limit, children behave like children. Cursing her and physically hurting her. There was also an attempted rape of one of the children. Like I said, it doesn’t hide anything.

Bill Skarsgard is absolutely fantastic as Pennywise. Her appearance is both charming and frightening as a grown man can have nightmares about her. The smartest thing Skarsgard did was not to copy Curry’s game, but to choose another option. Everything from Scooby-Doo’s mischievous grin, twisted sense of humor, and demonic voice added layers to the character and brought him to life. Who knows, maybe this is the generation of Freddy Krueger. The scene where Pennywise started dancing was also fun, but since her head doesn’t move with the rest of her body and her eyes are looking at you, it’s pretty scary.

All the child actors were also very good. Show a positive future ahead of them. Finn Wolfhard, Jayden Lieberer, Sophia Lillis, Jeremy Ray Taylor and Jack Dylan Grazer are the ones to watch what they’re up to next. The Losers Club is very similar to the Goonies, only better.

The pacing could have been much more precise since Act 2 really dragged on. There were some unintentionally funny moments that shouldn’t have been taken that way. Overall verdict: you will swim too.