Is Zeus Powerful Than Superman?

Is Zeus stronger than Superman?

He was far more powerful than the old minor gods, the Amazons, and the overwhelming Kryptonians. Lex Luthor used Zeus as an example to describe Superman’s immense power. …his daughter Diana, endowed with lesser but still divine power, was able to fight and ultimately defeat the weakened Ares.

Is God more powerful than Superman?

Hephaestus tried to smash Superman with the hammer of the gods, but Supes grabbed his hand and held him, showing that he is stronger and faster than a god.

Is Zeus stronger than Darkseid?

Zeus will win without too much difficulty. It will be an even easier fight than with a lone titan. Darkseid is neither a god nor a legendary demon or devil.

Is Zeus DC the strongest?

In most stories, Zeus is one or the most powerful god on Olympus. He has vast supernatural powers focused on controlling time, but he can do anything, including shapeshifting, raising the dead, and creating new life.

Who was stronger than Zeus?

There are many of Zeus’s strongest. Typhon, the lightning giant and father of all monsters, easily defeated the gods of Olympus, though Zeus eventually defeated him with lightning. The titan Kronos is also stronger than Zeus since he is the father of Zeus.

Can Superman defeat God?

Superman (Clark Kent/Kal El) is usually the only thing keeping his universe intact and the most notable and enduring god he has defeated would be Darkseid. …In one of his fights, Supes was even able to counter Darkseid’s Omega Beam using only his heat vision.

Is he stronger than Superman?

Ares is the strongest of the Olympians, on a par with his half-brother Hercules, and since his power comes from a magical source, this makes him doubly bad for Superman, who has an innate weakness for the mystical arts.

How strong is Superman’s God power?

Animated Series/Justice League Superman: Probably around 100,000 power levels, but nowhere near the planetary power levels of other versions.

Who is stronger than Superman?

Captain Marvel. With the power of six gods and the ability to use magic, Captain

Is Darkseid stronger than Zeus?

Is Zeus on par with Darkseid in terms of power? Darkseid is, frankly, much more powerful. The Greek gods got their butts kicked in the last crisis. 27

Who is stronger than Darkseid?

So it’s safe to say that Superman is stronger than Sunbathing Darkseid and can defeat him. 23

Is Zeus stronger than Superman?

A difficult challenge, but Zeus will be the answer. Zeus has the brute strength of Superman, maybe even more. Zeus can create hurricanes and lightning, as well as control the air, so if Superman tries to fly, he will fail. Superman can use frozen breath from him, but Zeus can control air again and use that breath on Superman.

Is Zeus the most powerful in DC?

Of course, it’s not surprising to learn that one of the most powerful gods in DC’s pantheon of Greek gods is none other than Zeus himself. Zeus, the leader of the Greek pantheon, has proven time and time again that he is much more than the thunder and lightning he is known for.

Who can beat Zeus in DC?


Darkseid is very similar to Zeus: he is a god and must humiliate the other gods before they get too arrogant. One of the many gods that Darkseid defeated or killed was also Zeus, along with the others of Olympus, he was basically the cleansing of Mount Olympus.

Who is stronger Zeus or DC?

Short answer: MARVEL ZEUS IS MORE POWERFUL. Long answer: DC Zeus lost to Darkseid after a good fight.