Is Saying Reiterate Rude?

Is it indecent to repeat?

“To Reiterate ”

This phrase is unnecessary and can seem a bit rude, especially if you include it in someone’s first email. … If you’re repeating an email because you think the recipient didn’t understand your message the first time.

How to say “fine” again?


  1. duplicate,
  2. redo,
  3. reduplicate,
  4. remake,
  5. renew,
  6. repeat,
  7. replicate,
  8. reprise.

Is repetition a word?

Iteration and repetition rate are synonymous with repetition or starting over. Both words are of Latin origin, so this is not an overcorrection in English. However, when used, you will basically see iteration, which means “to repeat”, and the noun form “iteration”, iteration, which means “version”.

What other word should I repeat?

repeat redo
replicate duplicate
remake reprise
renew reduplicate
double recast

How is repetition used in a sentence?

Example of a repeated sentence

  1. Let me reiterate some of the other issues that have already been raised. …
  2. Let me repeat what I consider duality in my mind. …
  3. I want to reiterate the importance of protecting our homes. …
  4. I repeat the previous tip for creating cross-references.

What does repeat mean?

To repeat something means to say or repeat something, or over and over again. Let me repeat: when you repeat yourself, repeat what you said initially.

What is a repetition?

Transitive verb: state or repetition or repetition sometimes with a boring effect.

What does repeat mean?

Transitive verb: state or repetition or repetition sometimes with a boring effect.

you can repeat to someone else

However, the MerriamWebster Collegiate Dictionary defines “repetition” as “a state of, or repetition, or repetition, sometimes to dull effects.” This definition is neutral in terms of whether someone can repeat an observation or point of view expressed by another person.